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Question : How does the program work?
This is an online course and you will need a computer, DSL/Cable internet connection, and a headset.You will discuss the times of classes with your instructor and depending on availibility the classes will be scheduled.

Question : Do I need to download any software?
You will need to setup a skype account and download the FREE skype software by going to the following link. http://www.skype.com/download It helps if you purchase a headset with built in microphone.

Question : How are the classes conducted?
The classes are conducted using Goto meeting screen sharing software and Skype is used for voice chat. The instructor will share his/her screen showing the content and the conversation will be done through skype.

Question : How do I pay for the classes?
You will be charged a monthly amount depending on the package that you select. Once the regular classes start you will be sent a Paypal payment link so that you can pay for the subscription. You can pay through Paypal account.

Question : Who we are?
Quran-o-sunnat  is non-partisan organization, we are not part of any group ,Islamic organization or mosques. We welcome all students interested in learning Quran .It consists of a small team of dedicated and deserving students of master level .This team functions with the guidance of many of the teachers for providing quality services to our Muslim brothers and sisters interested to learn the Holy Qur’an.

Question : How can I register?
Please send us registration form available at Registration Form page . We will contact you soon via E-mail or phone . All registrations and inquiries have a 24 hours response time. Our dedicated Tech Department will assist you in the software installation and give you a free live tutorial on how it works. There is no registration or admission fee .You are not required to give any credit card information for free trail after free trial you will pay a small fee according to class schedule.

Question : Our Teachers?
All our teachers have experience of teaching Qur’an to English speaking students . Our teachers are not only selected just for their knowledge, but also for their interpretational skills to gain motivation and encouragement in students to increase the knowledge of the Qur’an more and more .If they fail we see it as though we ourselves having failed to deliver too. They also got training from the organization for teaching.

Question : How it works?
Send us registration form available at join us page .We will send to you information to make a setup to start classes . After completion of registration and software installation process , you will be tailored with a well- versed Quran tutor for one-to-one live interactive classes.

Question : How would tutoring class take place?
At an agreed time , teacher and student come online .With help of telephony software , They talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen sharing software makes them enable to see the same lesson on their computer screen .Teacher can highlight letters and words to the Qur’an to enhance the understanding of the student.

Question: Is learning Quran online practical?
Learning online on a one-to-one individual basis is not a new concept. A number of universities and institutes currently run in a similar way. Countless students, of various age groups and ethnicities are benefiting from online learning, just like ours.

Question: Do we learn through this site?
No. The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about our services and how to register. Our teachers are the ones who will be teaching you online and delivering lectures with your consent.

Question: This is my first day. What should I do to start my lesson?
After you have registered, your teacher will inform you via phone on how to get started. If for some reason you are not contacted, you can contact us at any time.

Question: What if I do not know how to use a computer?
Do not worry, our technical support representatives will guide you every step of the way, you will be ready to learn in 10 minutes!

Question: How will I learn to read the Quran online? Do I need to buy a textbook, or some kind of material?
You do not need to buy any material, we have an online textbook that you will be given, which you and your teacher will be able to view simultaneously. You will be able to view your teachers screen at all times. Your teacher will be pointing out and correcting mistakes online while having a live conversation with you. This is how the student benefits from this individual base learning

Question: What should I do if I am waiting for my teacher and he is not online?
This usually does not happen, but if for some reason your teacher is not online then you can call us any time and we solve this problem right away.

Question: What happens if I have missed a lot of classes, can I make them later?
It is your full responsibility to notify your teacher as soon as possible for any classes that you have missed or will be missing. You can make them up, but you need to discuss with your teacher for other possible timings to make up for the missed classes.

Question: I already have read the Qu’ran, but want to improve my Tajweed. Will I have to learn from the beginning all over again?
No, we will work from whatever level you are currently at and start improving from there.

Question: How do I pay my fees?
You can pay by: Pay pal.

Question : What you need to get started?
* A personal computer/laptop.
* A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable.
* A computer headset.
* We use skype ,a quality internet telephony software ,for voice conversation You will download it after submitting the registration form.

* Teamviewer Software