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surah ahqaf pdf

Introduction to Surah Ahqaf PDF

Surah Ahqaf is the 46th Quranic chapter, a Meccan surah, and significantly unique that it is the seventh and last Quranic chapter that starts with muqatt’at words “Ha-Mim.” Surah Ahqaf pdf is in the 26th Para of the Holy Quran, comprising 4 Ruku, 35 verses, 648 words, and 2668 letters.

Surah Ahqaf pdf has valuable content that steers us on the righteous path and helps us rearrange our priorities to succeed in both worlds. It drives us on the day of resurrection and encourages us to seek knowledge and guidance from the Holy Quran.

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Central Theme of Surah Ahqaf PDF

The opening verse of the Surah Ahqaf says that the revelation of the Holy Quran is a miracle and is an authentic source to seek guidance for all aspects of an individual’s life. It states that everything between the skies and the earth has been created for a purpose.

The meaningful verses of the surah Al-Ahqaf pdf say that disbelievers act persistently in their disbelief and don’t heed the warning conveyed through holy verses of the Quran. Allah asked the disbelievers a critical question: the idols they preached had made any part of this earth, sky, or anything they could create.

Allah says these people are on track and cruel to themselves, and only Allah is worth worshiping. The idols they preach can’t help them or listen to them until the day of judgment. These idols blame them for their ignorance on the day of judgment and will not help them.

When the disbelievers listen to Allah’s verses, they get frustrated and blame these verses for being magic. The disbelievers accused Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) that He had created the verses of the Quran by himself.

Allah cleared the doubts of the disbelievers in this blissful surah about the Holy Quran by saying that this Holy Book, Quran is an authentic revelation from Allah. It gives good news to the believers and warns those who reject Allah’s verses. Allah advises us to deal kindly with our parents as they work hard to grow us to a young age. Allah shows signs to the disbelievers by destroying the nations who rejected His oneness and uniqueness so that they may learn a lesson. Allah created the skies and earth, which didn’t tire him. Allah has the power to give life to the dead.

Surah Ahqaf Benefits

Surah Ahqaf is a worthwhile Quranic chapter that offers unlimited benefits and advantages to its reciter.

  • If a person develops the habit of reciting this blissful chapter, Allah grants him rich rewards equal to ten times the number of creatures walking on earth, and equal sins are forgiven.
  • Allah builds a protective shield around the reciter of this surah and keeps him safe from all the world’s dangers.
  • It is also evident from many hadiths that if someone dissolves this blissful surah in water and drinks that water, Allah will give great honor to him.
  • This magnificent surah is also suggested to the reciter to boost memory.
  • Its recitation also acts as a miracle against deadly diseases.

Surah Al-An’am pdf offers similar benefits mentioned in this Surah Ahqaf pdf as it strengthens our faith, warns against disbelief, provides a person respect in society, and protects against all the dangers of the world.

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Surah Ahqaf’s verses have potent messages for humanity to succeed in both worlds. It strengthens our faith in Allah, uplifts our spiritual power, and teaches us the importance of being on the righteous path

The significance of surah Ahqaf is that it teaches us the importance of accepting Allah’s oneness, presents the Holy Quran as a complete source of guidance, and has consequences of being a polytheist.

Surah Ahqaf pdf has 35 verses.

Surah Ahqaf is in the 26th para of the Holy Quran.

“Each of the two groups will be ranked according to what they have done so He may fully reward all. And none will be wronged.”

“Ask them, O prophet, Have you considered whatever idols you invoke besides Allah? Show me what they have created on earth. Or do they have a share in the creation of the heavens? Bring me a scripture revealed before this Quran or a share of knowledge if what you say is true.”


Surah Ahqaf is a Meccan Surah of the Holy, seventh chapter of the Holy that begins with the muqatt’at words “Ha-Mim.” It steers us to the fundamental concepts of monotheism and polytheism. Allah says He is the only one who is worthwhile to be worshipped. The idols they worshipped can’t help and will blame them for their ignorance on the day of judgment. We must treat our parents with love and care as they grow us with affection.

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