Surah Ankabut PDF (Read Online & Download)

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surah ankabut pdf
JUZ (PARA)20-21

Introduction to Surah Ankabut PDF

The Meccan Surah Ankabut PDF is in the 20th and 21st para of the Holy Quran. The 29th Quranic chapter has 7 Ruku, 69 verses, and 983 words. This alluring Quranic chapter opens with the muqatta’at words “Alif Lam Mim.”

Surah Ankabut’s verses are splendid and meaningful as they discuss the stories of prophets Nuh, Ibrahim, Shoaib, Lut, Hud, Saleh, Moses, and Muhammad. It also presents some honest advice for Muslims to spend their lives according to the will of Allah.

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Central Theme of Surah Ankabut PDF

Surah Ankabut PDF verses explain that Allah knows what is in the hearts of the disbelievers, and they can’t hide it from Allah. Allah will testify to the belief of everyone who claims it. The wrongdoers will not escape from the torment of Hell, and Allah knows and listens to everything.

Surah Ankabut states that People who strongly believe in Allah, do good deeds; Allah will forgive their sins and shower His blessings upon them. Allah had ordered us to take good care of our parents and accept all their orders except to negate the oneness of Allah. Allah sent Nuh to a nation where he lived for a long time and called them to the righteous path, but they were ignorant and got destroyed by Allah.

Ibrahim called his nation towards Allah and feared Him. You worship idols, which can’t benefit you if you understand. And, if you persist in your denial, Allah has prepared a massive torment for you. Allah has authority over every matter of the universe and must have to return to Him. Allah motivated human beings to travel and watch how Allah originated life; He can do everything.  When Prophet Lut rebuked his people for practicing immorality openly and asked them to quit it and fear Allah, they mocked His warnings of Allah’s torment and finally met destruction.

Surah Ankabut Benefits

  1. Surah Ankabut pdf is a glorious chapter of the Holy Quran; reciting it gives high rewards. The virtues of recitation of this blissful surah are evident from numerous hadiths.
  2. If a person develops the habit of reciting this surah, he will be rewarded ten times the number of believers and non-believers.
  3. It is also suggested to recite surah Al-Ankabut for better sleep in case you have insomnia. Reciting this blissful surah on water and drinking it will bring joy and peace into one’s life is also recommended.

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Surah Ankabut pdf verses state that disbelievers’ plans against Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) are weak and fragile, just like a spider’s net, and will never meet success. This is the reason why this chapter is named “Ankabut.”

Surah Al-Ankabut pdf has 69 verses.

Surah Ankabut pdf content ponders light on different issues and provides humanity with the best solutions. It teaches us to respect our parents but not to accept their order of negating the oneness of Allah and have a firm belief in Allah.

The main lessons of the surah Ankabut include that Allah will test the belief of those who claim it, don’t mistreat your parents, and don’t follow the path of those with whom Allah is not pleased.

Surah Ankabut mentioned spiders.

The 29th chapter of the Holy Quran mentions the spider as “The likeness of those who choose other patrons than GODis as the likeness of the spider when taketh unto herself a house, and lo!”

Surah Ankabut was revealed in the city of Mecca.


Surah Ankabut is a splendid chapter of the Holy Quran. Its verses discuss several topics and tell us the stories of hardship that numerous prophets Nuh, Moses, Lut, Saleh, and Muhammad(PBUH) endured during their journey of calling their nations towards Allah. Surah Al-Ankabut content has substantial similarities with Surah Al-Qasas and Surah Hud PDF. It is beneficial to recite it to strengthen your faith in Allah and bring peace to your life.

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