Surah Al-Balad

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surah balad pdf

Introduction to Surah BaladPDF

The 30th Para of the Holy is beautified with the magnificent Quranic chapter “Surah Balad”. Surah Balad pdf s a Meccan Surah of the Holy Quran that gets its name from the first verse, at which point God swears to the honored city of Mecca, as it is the residing place of the prophet of mercy. Surah Balad is the 90th chapter of the Holy Quran and has 1 Ruku, 20 verses, and 82 words.

The Surah is a powerful reminder of the transient nature of life and the importance of utilizing one’s time and resources for good deeds. It emphasizes that wealth and status are not the measures of success, but rather one’s conduct, compassion, and devotion to the Creator.

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Central Theme of Surah Fatiha PDF

The Surah is named after the word “Balad,” which appears in the first verse. The term “Balad” can be translated as “the city,” “the land,” or “the country.” However, the Surah is not limited to addressing any specific city or location; it carries universal themes applicable to all societies.

The central theme of the Surah Balad pdf revolves around the concept of personal responsibility and accountability. It challenges the human tendency to become complacent, arrogant, and negligent of their duties toward their fellow beings and, most importantly, their Creator.

Surah Fatiha Benefits

  • Elevated Status Among the Pious: Those who recite Surah Al Balad in their obligatory (Farz) prayers will be counted among the pious and honored with a high status in the company of Prophets and martyrs.
  • Cure for Nose Ailments: Using the water of Surah Al Balad and putting it in the nostrils acts as a remedy for nose ailments.
  • Protection from Allah’s Anger and Hellfire: Reciting Surah Balad pdf regularly results in Allah safeguarding the reciter from His anger and displeasure and granting exemption from the punishment of Hellfire.
  • Protection for Newborns: When Surah Al Balad is written on paper and worn around the neck of a newborn child, the child is protected from common ailments that afflict children, and they may experience reduced crying and a decreased likelihood of fits.
  • Seeking Safety from Allah’s Anger: Reciting Surah Balad serves as a means of seeking refuge from Allah’s anger, providing a sense of protection and security for the reciter.

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Surah Balad emphasizes personal responsibility, accountability, and the transient nature of life, guiding believers toward a life of piety and compassion.

Reciting Surah Balad increases understanding of life’s challenges, encourages gratitude, and brings spiritual closeness to Allah.

There is no specific hadith solely about Surah Balad, but various hadiths emphasize the importance of learning and teaching the Quran.

The Surah teaches gratitude, compassion, righteousness, trust in Allah’s decree, and the contrast between the destinies of the righteous and the wicked.


Surah Al Balad is a chapter in the Holy Quran that highlights the struggles and tests of human life, urging people to be grateful for their blessings and to fulfill their responsibilities. It divides people into two groups: the righteous and the wicked, describing their deeds and contrasting their destinies. The Surah Balad pdf emphasizes the importance of the Hereafter and trusting in Allah’s wisdom.

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