Surah Ad-Dahr

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surah dahr pdf

Introduction to Surah Dahr PDF

Surah Dahr is a Madinan surah of the Holy Quran in the 29th para. It comprises 2 Ruku, 31 verses, 243 words, and 1087 letters. Surah Dahr is the 76th chapter of the Holy Quran with the alternate title “surah Al-Insan.”

Surah Dahr pdf was one of the beloved surahs of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); he used to recite this blissful surah with Surah Al-Sajdah (chapter 32 of the Holy Quran). Surah Dahr is also known as “Surah Hal Ata,” a word that appears in its second verse.

Meaning of Surah Dahr

The word “Dahr ” is an Arabiv origin word that means “time” and “period.” The central theme of Surah Dahr’s pdf revolves around the creation of man in a perfect form, Allah’s blessings on man, the reward for pious people, and punishments for disobedient people.

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Surah Dahr Benefits

Surah Dahr is an appealing chapter of the Holy Quran with short, meaningful verses that briefly deliver essential facts and lessons. The recitation of surah Dahr benefits its reciter and positively impacts one’s life.

Surah Dahr is recommended to recite over the water and give this water to the patient with the cardiac disease will provide him with relief. A person with low self-esteem should recite surah Dahr often to boost his self-confidence. Its recitation enhances your mental power and boosts your memory. All these fantastic benefits of Surah Dahr prove its resemblance with Surah Hashr PDF.

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Surah Dahr alternate title is “Surah Hal-Ata” and “Surah Al-Insan.”

Surah Dahr was revealed in Madinah, classified as a Madinan surah of the Holy Quran.

Surah Dahr verse five is as “[Whereas] behold, the truly virtuous shall drink from a cup flavored with the calyx of sweet smelling flowers.”

Surah Dahr verse 11 is, “ And so, GOD will preserve them from the woes of that day, and bestow on them brightness and joy.”


Surah Dahr is a Medinan surah of the Holy Quran in the 29th para. It has many alternate titles, “Al-Insan” and “Hal Ata.” The verses of Surah Dahr stated the creation of human beings from a bubble of water in a perfect form. It also warns those who are disbelievers to be punished severely. And, the righteous people who followed the commands of Allah throughout their lives will be rewarded to stay in paradise.

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