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surah duha pdf

Introduction to Surah Duha PDF

Do you know Surah Duha is known as a magical antidepressant? I will explain how it can reduce your depression and anxiety within minutes in the article. I have briefly explained the true context of Surah Duha so that you can get benefits from Surah. I would suggest after reading and understanding the true message of Almighty in this Surah you must download Surah Duha PDF and its translation in Urdu or English and read it every day.

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Surah Duha Read Online

surah duha pdf
93 – Surah Duha

Central Theme of Surah Duha PDF

“Ad-Duha” is an Arabic origin word and means “morning.” Surah Ad Duha is one of the smallest surahs of the Quran regarding the number of verses, as it consists of only 11.

It is the 93rd chapter of the Holy Quran and is in Para number 30. Surah Ad Duha is referred to as Meccan Surah (Makki Surah) as it was revealed upon Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH during his stay at Mecca.

This Surah is very close to the heart of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH as this was revealed upon him when He felt alone and stressed. His people abandoned him, then Allah sent this surah as a comforter for Him. The recitation of the Surah Duha pdf offers many advantages to its reciter.

The known Islamic scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed explained briefly that Islam also has the concept of depression as it exists in 2-6% of the world’s total population. For that Surah Ad Duha is the most effective Surah to overcome depression. Let’s have a look at verses of Surah Ad Duha in detail. I have explained each verse so that you can have an exact idea of why this surah is effective for depression.

Surah Duha Verse 1

Surah Duha PDF Verse 1

Surah Duha PDF Verse 1

The beautiful surah Ad Duha starts by referring to the effulgence and radiancy of the morning. It reminds us of the powerful fact that after every night, the morning will always come, and it will be beautiful. This verse teaches us to believe firmly in Allah in times of trouble and difficulties. Allah always stands by those who have great faith in Him in difficult times and never get disappointed.

Surah Duha Verse 2

surah duha verse 2

Surah Duha PDF Verse 2

The second verse of the surah Duha discusses the falling of the nighttime. This worldly life is full of challenges. Everyone passes through a phase of life where he finds no ray of hope, satisfaction, or happiness. But one should believe in Allah, that He has the authority to change all the circumstances of your life.

Surah Duha Verse 3

Surah Duha Verse 3

Surah Duha Verse 3

In this most beautiful verse of the surah Duha pdf, Allah addressed Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH directly and advised Him to stay firm in His faith in Allah as Allah is always with Him. This verse explains the full context of the Surah Ad Dhuha. 

Allah said Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH that although His companions and people have abandoned Him, Allah will never leave Him alone. And Allah is not displeased with Him; Allah loves Him and will always help Him.

Surah Duha Verse 4

Surah Duha Verse 4

Surah Duha Verse 4

In the fourth verse of the Surah Ad Dhuha pdf, Allah assures the Holy Prophet Muhammad and all the Muslims that don’t be sad about the griefs and hardships of this temporary worldly life. Allah has better plans for you, and He has created Jannah for all the people who believe in Allah and submit themselves to the will of Allah. In Jannah, blessings will be abundant from Allah.

Surah Duha Verse 5

surah duha verse 5

Surah Duha Verse 5

In this mesmerizing verse of the blissful surah Duha pdf, Allah promises His Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH that Allah will grant Him countless blessings and that the circumstances will change. This verse also comforts Holy Prophet PBUH as Allah in this verse Allah has promised.

Surah Duha Verse 6

surah duha verse 6

Surah Duha Verse 6

This verse tells us about the difficult upbringing and childhood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.  It teaches us that Allah will always make way for us no matter how difficult the circumstances are. It also teaches us to be kind towards orphans, which is the source of earning Allah’s happiness.

Surah Duha Verse 7

surah duha verse 7

Surah Duha Verse 7

This verse discusses the time before the revelation of the Holy Quran upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Allah said that When Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH was ignorant, Allah blessed Him with knowledge and respect. It also ponders light on the significance of getting knowledge and guidance from Allah.

Surah Duha Verse 8

Surah Duha Verse 8

Surah Duha Verse 8

This verse of the surah Ad Duha tells us that Allah has taken the responsibility to provide for everyone. He has the authority to change the fortune of anyone. If He wants, He can turn the future of the poor.

Surah Duha Verse 9

Surah Duha Verse 9

Surah Duha Verse 9

In this verse, Allah commands Muslims to treat orphans kindly. Allah shows His blessings upon the house where an orphan child is well treated. So, it is Allah’s order to bring an orphan child with love, and not to torture them.

Surah Duha Verse 10

Surah Duha Verse 10

Surah Duha Verse 10

This beautiful verse of the mesmerizing surah Duha pdf teaches us to be gentle and kind towards beggars. We should spend a portion of our wealth on needy people. This action helps the wealth to circulate around the society and needy people get some relaxation through this.

Surah Duha Verse 11

Surah Duha Verse 11

Surah Duha Verse 11

This verse of the Surah Ad Dhuha teaches us to remember the blessings of Allah. Allah had granted us countless blessings, so we should not forget them and be thankful to Him. As Allah says in the Holy Quran remember me and thanks I will bless you even more.

Download Surah Duha Translation in PDF

Surah Duha PDF in Arabic

Surah Duha with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Duha with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


The verses of this amazing and blissful surah revolve around the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It teaches us that we should always have great faith in Allah as He never left those who trust Him.

The context of this amazing surah is inspiring and motivational. If a person is depressed and he develops the habit to recite it. He will feel confident and motivated toward life.

It is an Arabic origin name which has meaning morning.


Surah Duha pdf is the shortest Surah of the Quran which consists of only 11 verses. It teaches us great lessons about life. Its context and theme are motivational and inspiring which can cheer up a depressed person. It teaches us to take good care of orphans. It teaches us to stay patient during hard times. It reminds us that Allah can turn the fortunes of anyone. He is the creator of all human beings and He provides for all of us.

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