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surah fajr pdf

Introduction to Surah Fajr PDF

Surah Fajr PDF is the 89th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 30th Para, comprising 30 verses and 1 Ruku. Surah Fajr pdf is a Meccan surah, so typically it is shorter with shorter verses. It consists of 139 words and 584 letters. The most appealing beauty of surah Al Fajr is that it commences with five swearings.

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Central Theme of Surah Fajr PDF

The context of the verses of Surah Fajr pdf revolves around a discussion about Ancient Egyptians, people of Iram of Pillars, and Mada’in Saleh. Surah Al-Fajr warns and condemns those who are wrongdoers and follow the path of Satan. It also gave the good news of paradise to those who implement the rules of Allah in their lives.

people of Iram of Pillars in surah fajr pdf

Surah Fajr Benefits

The recitation of surah Al-Fjar offers broad advantages to its reciter. Surah Al-Fjar protects from evil, from the wrath of Allah on the day of judgment, and from the torment of the grave. Surah Fajr recitation also protects its reciter from the evil effects of food and offers you peace and security.

First Section of Surah Fajr PDF

Surah Fajr PDF Verses 1-10

Stories of People of Ad and Fir’awn

The first section of the Surah Fajr pdf opens up with five swearings by Allah; the Fajr refers to the morning, the ten nights refer to the first ten days of Dhul Hajj, and the time when night departs. A point to ponder is that when Allah swears of certain things, those things become more significant. Allah says that these oaths are enough to understand the reality for wise people.

Surah Fajr Linked to Imam Hussain R.A

This blissful surah is known as the surah of Imam Hussain, as it refers to the martyred Imam Hussain, who sacrificed his life on the battlefield of Karbala in the name of Allah. In verse 6, Allah says don’t you people see how I dealt with the people of Ad. These people were disobedient deniers of the oneness of Allah and His Prophets.


Destruction of People of Ad

Allah destroyed the people of Ad and made them an example for the upcoming nations so that they learn lessons from them. These people rejected and humiliated the prophet Hud whom Allah sent to them for their guidance. Allah annihilated them with a violent windstorm.

Allah discussed the people of Ad many times in the Holy Quran as a lesson so that other people can learn from them. The people of Ad were physically most robust at that time and had a lot of power. But they were disobedient towards Allah and worshiped idols.

Prophet Hud A.S

Prophet Hud A.S warned them and guided them to follow Allah’s path, which could lead them to success in both worlds. But they opposed prophet Hud and remained ignorant, and as a punishment, Allah destroyed them.

King of Egypt

After mentioning the story of the people of Ad, Allah discussed the Fir’awn, the king of Egypt and claimed to be the god. He ordered people around him to accept and preach to him as their lord. He had crossed all the limits, Allah sealed his heart and he could not realize the truth. He tortured the people who didn’t accept him as lord and punished them severely. And, then, Allah annihilated him as a punishment for crossing the limits settled by Allah.

The Second Section of Surah Fajr PDF

Surah Fajr PDF Verse 11-20

In the second section of the surah Al-Fajr, Allah further discusses the thinking and manners of these wrongdoers people. These people consistently disobeyed Allah and broke all rules, laws, and regulations. Allah scourge upon them by punishing them for all their sins. Allah knows everything visible or invisible from Him, and He knows how to deal with ignorant people.

Allah Watches Everything.

Allah knows who is doing wrong and right, and He has a record of everything on the day of judgment; Allah will hand over all humankind their actions list, and no one can deny anything. Allah will do justice based on the actions people have forwarded, and people will be rewarded accordingly.

Wealth and Poverty are the Tests by Allah.

In verses 15-16, Allah said that human beings are selfish and forgetful; when Allah tests a man with abundant blessings and great wealth, they boast that Allah has blessed him. And when Allah testify a man by limiting his blessings, he says my lord has humiliated me.

Wealth and Poverty in surah fajr pdf

But things are not how they think; Allah provides wealth to those He loves and those He doesn’t love.  We should obey Allah in every circumstance, whether we suffer from poverty or live lavishly.

Treat Orphans Properly.

Allah has commanded multiple times in the Holy Quran to treat orphans with kindness and love. In surah Fajr, Allah again emphasizes that all Muslims should take good care of orphans and facilitate them to the extent possible. In surah Al-Fajr pdf, Allah says that people who are wrongdoers don’t treat orphans well, and they don’t encourage each other to love the orphan kids.

Surah Fajr says Treat Orphans Properly

Abu Dawud narrates that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“(The orphan’s guardian and I will be like these two in Paradise.) And he put his two fingers together – the middle finger and the index finger.”Hadith

Final Section of Surah Fajr PDF

Surah Fajr PDF Verses 21-30

Allah Will Do Justice on the Day of Judgment.

The day of judgment is the most important day for all humanity. That’s why Allah Almighty has addressed it in many Surahs like Surah MaryamSurah WaqiahSurah Baqarah, and many other chapters of the Holy Quran.

The context of the surah Al-Fajr sketches a fine picture of the day of judgmentOn that day, everyone will be holding their charge lists in their hands. They will be gathered before Allah and asked about what they have done in their lives.

 Allah will hold the session of judgment and will do justice to everyone. On that day, man will remember all his deeds and have nothing to do but scream. On the day of Resecurration, the earth and mountains will get flattened, and all human beings will return to their original physical forms.

Everyone will be in a state of fear and shock on that inevitable day. If a man had been disobedient to Allah, he would regret it. And even if a person were obedient, he would wish to have done more good deeds. Ahmad ibn Hanbal recorded from Muhammad bin Abi `Amirah. He said,

 “If a servant fell down on his face (in prostration) from the day he was born until the day he died as an old man, in obedience to Allah, he would scorn this act on the Day of Judgement. He would wish to be returned to this life so that he could earn more reward and compensation.”Muhammad bin Abi `Amirah

Allah will punish the wrongdoers and disobedient severely, as no one can punish anyone for a mistake as Allah will punish the disbelievers.

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Surah Fajr PDF in Arabic

Surah Fajr with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Fajr with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Surah Fajr is a blissful surah; reciting it on the first ten days of the Dhul Hajj brings you the blessings of Allah, and He forgives the sins of the reciter. Its recitation is also recommended to get pregnant and be safe from evil.

Holy Quran is the book, and Allah grants ten rewards for reciting a single word. However, it is evident from different hadiths to recite surah Al-Fajr after Fajr prayer benefits your whole day.

Surah Fajr is enriched in messages for all Muslims and teaches us the manners to live life. It teaches us to obey Allah in every circumstance, treat orphans kindly, and be prepared for the day of judgment.

Allah will say to the righteous,˺ “O tranquil soul! Return to your Lord, well pleased ˹with Him˺ and well-pleasing ˹to Him˺. And enter My Paradise.”


Surah Al Fajr pdf is a gleeful surah of the Holy Quran in the 30th para. Surah Fajr has 30 short and meaningful verses. Allah has delivered numerous prime lessons to all humankind through this amazing surah. It teaches us to follow the commands of Allah in every aspect of life to be successful.

It gives us a brief picture of the inevitable day of judgment. It states that all the people will return to their original physical forms by Allah and gather before Allah. On that day, an obedient person will also regret that he might have done more good deeds, and there will be nothing but regret for a disobedient.

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