Surah Al-Hashr

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surah hashr pdf

Introduction to Surah Hashr PDF

Surah Hashr pdf is the Medinan surah of the Holy Quran as it was revealed during the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) stay at Madinah after the battle of Banu Nadir. It consists of 3 Ruku, 24 verses, 448 words, and 971 letters. Surah Hashr is the 59th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 28th Para.

Surah Hashr’s verses discuss the reward for those obedient towards Allah and the punishment for those who reject Allah and His prophet’s messages. It also teaches us the importance of spending your wealth on the needy, poor, and orphans.

Meaning of Surah Hashr

The word “Hashr” is an Arabic origin word that means “doomsday” and “resurrection.” The verses of the surah Hashr revolve around the consequences of the arrogance and negligence of the opponents of Allah and His prophets as they would face heavy torment from Allah as a punishment.

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Hadith About the Last Three Verses of Surah Hashr PDF

Maq’il Bin Yasir (R.A) narrated a beautiful hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“Whoever says three times when he gets up in the morning, I seek refuge with Allah, the All-Hearing, the All-knowing, from the accursed satan, and he recites three verses from the end of surah Al-Hashr. Allah appoints seventy thousand angels who salat upon him until the evening. If he dies on that day, he dies of a martyr, and whoever reaches the evening holds the same status.”

Surah Hashr Benefits

Surah Hashr is a beautiful chapter of the Holy Quran; its recitation improves the life of its reciter in many aspects. If a person develops the habit of recitation of this blissful chapter of the Holy Quran, Allah will specifically assign an angel on duty to protect that person.

Excessive recitation of surah Hashr improves the memory of its reciter and helps you do well in your exams. It is also suggested to recite surah Hashr to get success in any kind of task, as it will make your task easier. Reciting surah Hashr by placing a hand on the head is also recommended to relieve headaches.

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Surah Hashr is a blissful surah of the Holy Quran. Its recitation helps boost your memory, protects you from angels, and provides calamity safety.

Surah Hashr’s central theme revolves around the reward for obedient people, punishment for disobedient people, and the importance of following Allah’s commands.

Surah Hashr pdf is the 59th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 28th Para.

The benefit of reciting the surah Al-Hashr’s last three verses is that it helps you to seek forgiveness from Allah for your sins.


Surah Hashr is the 59th Holy Quran’s chapter, comprising 24 verses and 448 words. The chapter catches its name from its 2nd verse, which has the word “Hashr.” Surah Hashr was revealed after the battle of Banu Nadir and taught us many fundamental lessons.

 It teaches us to spend most of our wealth on orphans and seek forgiveness from Allah. It also teaches us to be united as a Muslim nation, rise as a great power, and spend our lives according to the commands of Allah and His prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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