Surah Al-Hujurat

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surah hujurat pdf

Introduction to Surah Hujurat PDF

All chapters of the Holy Quran are an eminent source of perfect guidance for humanity. Surah Hujurat PDF is one of those fantastic chapters of the Holy Quran that emphasizes explicitly the etiquette and norms that need to be observed by the Muslim community. It is the 49th chapter of the Holy Quran, composed of 2 Ruku, 18 verses, 353 words, and 1533 letters.

Surah Al Hujurat In Which Para?

Surah Al-Hujurat’s verse tone and content witness it as a Medinan surah of the Holy Quran. This blissful chapter is in the 26th para. The great content of the Surah Hujurat pdf discussed many social evils that need to be eradicated and norms that need to be adopted to form a liveable and best society.

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Central Theme of Surah Hujurat PDF

The central theme of the surah Al-Hujurat revolves around explaining the norms and etiquettes which are the foundation pillars of a civilized society. It teaches us to have deep respect for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to keep voices lower in front of Him, not to cross His way, and not to chant His name by standing at his house gate. We should not heed the rumors as this can lead to severe problems.

Surah Hujurat pdf condemns the habit of back-bitting by resembling it to eating the meat of a dead brother. It teaches us that all human beings are equal and no one is superior to others, but based on the fear of Allah, they had in their hearts. Verse 13 of this great surah is the most famous verse of the Holy Quran that teaches humanity that they are equal.

Surah Al-Hujurat teaches us to accept all the orders of our teachers and parents. It teaches us to confirm a piece of news before spreading it to others and have mercy on people with low incomes and orphans. It teaches us not to make fun of and respect each other.

Surah Hujurat Benefits

Surah Hujurat pdf is a mesmerizing chapter of the Holy Quran with many benefits and advantages that its recitation offers and has the power to remove the problems from his life. This blissful surah is a beloved surah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Allah showers high rewards for its recitation.

The Prophet has said,

“Whoever recites surah Hujurat, Allah will reward him ten times the reward of all those who have obeyed and disobeyed Allah.(Majma‘ al-Bayān, vol. 9, p. 214.)

Being Safe From Epilepsy

Surah Hujurat pdf recitation is beneficial to get relief from epilepsy.  One should habitually recite this blissful surah often to receive Allah’s blessings.

Abu Abdullah Ja‘far ibn Muhammad has said,

“If someone who has epilepsy writes surah Hujurat and keeps it with him, he will be cured. Moreover, he will be safe from the dangers of Satan and he will not have any fear.(Tafseer al-Burhān, vol. 5, p. 99.)

Increases Milk Supply of Breastfeeding Women

Surah Al-Hujurat recitation benefits the women who are breastfeeding their children and have the problem of less milk supply.

Abu Abdullah Ja‘far ibn Muhammad has said,

“If a woman who has little breast milk drinks from the water that has washed the writing of surah Hujurat, her milk will increase. If a pregnant woman drinks from that water, she and her child will both be safe from dangers.”

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Surah Al-Hujurat’s main purpose is to lay the foundation of a civilized society through its best teachings.

Surah Al-Hujurat is the most important Quranic chapter that guides us in making this society the best living place. It teaches us the norms and etiquette that are the soul of a civilized society.

Surah Hujurat mentions envy, mocking each other, calling each other’s name,  having a superiority complex, and believing in false rumors as social evils.

Surah Hujurat says that all human beings are equal, and no one is superior to others, but on the basis of fear of Allah, they had in their hearts.

Surah Al-Hujurat verses teach us to respect the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), our teachers, and our parents, not to backbite, and not to give place to envy in our hearts.

Verse 5 of the surah Al-Hujurat teaches us that if you visit someone’s house, wait for them to come and meet you. You shouldn’t chant his name loudly in front of his house.

Surah Al-Hujurat has 353 words.

1st verse of the surah Al-Hujurat says O believes! Do not proceed in any matter before a decree from Allah and His messenger. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.

Verse 2 of the surah Al-Hujurat teaches us to respect the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH by lowering our voice in front of Him and not crossing His path; otherwise, all of our good deeds will have no worth near Allah.


The teachings of the surah Al-Hujurat are a foundation for constructing a civilized society where everyone has equal rights and is equally respectable. It teaches us to respect the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the core of our hearts. Surah Hujurat pdf states that Allah divides you into tribes for identification; no one is superior to others. We should confirm the news before trusting it.

We should respect our parents and teachers. We should keep our hearts safe from the evil of deceiving and envy. We should not make fun of each other or call others names. Surah Al-Hujurat recitation provides its reciter with numerous benefits, enhances the milk supply of breastfeeding women, and cures ellipses in a short period; these benefits resemble the benefits provided by the recitation of the Surah Al-Qasas and the Surah Al-Nahl pdf.

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