Surah Al Imran PDF (Read Online & Download)

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surah imran pdf

Introduction to Surah Al Imran PDF

SurahAl-Imran is the 3rd chapter of the Holy Quran and is in the 3 and 4 Para. Surah Al Imran is a Medinan Surah. Its different discourses were revealed at different periods corresponding to the events. Surah Al Imran PDF is a lengthy Surah regarding the number of verses, as it has 200 verses and 20 Ruku. I am sharing the Surah Al Imran pdf so you can recite it after downloading Surah Al Imran PDF.

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Central Theme of Surah Al Imran PDF

The central theme of the surah Ale Imran revolves around the discussions about the family of Prophet Imran. Surah Ali Imran has 3508 words and 14984 letters. It also teaches us significant lessons about bravery, solidarity, and the importance of faith in Allah. Surah Al Imran also explains the brief histories of the prophets Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Maryam’s story.

Benefits of Reading Surah Al Imran

It is beneficial for every Muslim to recite the surah Al Imran pdf as it leaves magical impacts on the life of its reciter.  A person who is facing financial difficulties should recite surah Al Imran regularly. It is also recommended to recite surah Ali Imran for ease in birth child for a pregnant woman.

First Section of the Surah Al Imran PDF

Verse 1-22

The beautiful surah Al Imran commenced by stating the attributions of Allah and His revelations. Allah has sent down numerous miracles and blessings for the well-being of humankind. Allah is very kind and merciful to all of his creatures. We must accept all the blessings of Allah and be thankful to Him. Everything in this universe is under the prime control of Allah, and He has sent down the books for the guidance of human beings.

Allah warns those who don’t understand the Quran and turn the context of these Holy verses according to their own will. Their wrong interpretations oppose the messages and reality that Allah has explained through these verses, and Allah will never forgive these people.

Allah says in Surah Ale Imran that the only way to achieve success is to lead whole life according to the rules of Allah. People who are disbelievers will get no benefit in the world hereafter, no matter how much wealth and fame they get in this temporary world. The battle of the Badar shows that material power will always be defeated when it opposes the power of faith in Allah. People who don’t believe in the glory and oneness of Allah are at a significant loss, and they will not get any grace from Allah.

Verse 23-63

In this section of the Surah Al Imran pdf, Allah criticizes the Jews and Christians because they claim they follow their books, Tawrah and Injil. But when they are asked to follow Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH as said in these Holy books, they disagree on it. Allah denied their claim that fire would touch us only for a few days. Then, they used to say that their religion had deceived them.

But the fact is that they deceived themselves. Jews and Christians don’t accept the teachings of their religion and books as a whole but select a few that they like and give them benefits directly. Allah doesn’t support their claim anywhere that fire will touch them only for a few days but rejects it many times in the Holy Quran.

Surah Ali Imran states that Allah will gather all human beings on the inevitable day of Resurrection, and everyone will be paid off according to the actions that they have sent. Allah addresses the Holy Prophet Muhammad PUBH and advises to be thankful to Allah, praise Him, and rely upon Him in each aspect of life.  Allah gives power to whom He wants to provide, takes off the power from whom He desires, endures with honor to one whom He wants, and humiliates who He chooses.

Allah addresses Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and says that Allah knows everything inside your heart, and you can’t hide anything from Him. Allah also knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth, as He is the creator of this fantastic universe.  People who love Allah shall follow Him, and He will forgive their sins.

Surah Al Imran pdf demonstrates that Allah selected Adam, Noah, and Ibrahim among the people He blessed with higher ranks then. Allah knows everything. The wife of Prophet Imran said to Allah I dedicate what I have in my womb to your service. She gave her name Maryam( English synonym Mary). Mary grew up under the supervision of her brother-in-law Prophet Zakarriya.

Prophet Zakarriya prayed to Allah for a son, and Allah listened to his desire and accepted it. The angels came to him and told him the good news of the provision of a pious son who would conform to the words of Allah and will among the righteous people. Prophet Zakarriya was overjoyed and asked Allah for a sign; Allah told him he couldn’t speak for three days.

Angels told Maryam that Allah had chosen her among the righteous and purified her soul, and she should devote herself to Him and prostrate Him. Angels also said to her that Allah had honored her with a son whose name would be Essa. And, He will be honored in both worlds. He will talk to people while being an infant. She got worried after listening to this and asked how I could give birth to a child when no man touched me. Angel replied Allah creates what He wills to create.

Verse 64-91

In verse 64 of the surah Al Imran pdf, Allah addresses both Jews and Christians and says to come to some common terms, they should worship only Allah and should not associate anyone with Him. Prophet Ibrahim was a person of truth but not a Jew or Christian. Allah addresses them and asks them not to mix the fact with falsehood. A group of people in the book said to one another that they accept what is sent to believers in the morning and reject what is sent in the evening.

Allah states that people who prefer the small things of this temporary world would have no share in the world hereafter. Some people mold the messages of the book of Allah and present it to people saying that it is from Allah, and this way, they attribute lies to Allah.

Surah Ale Imran states that Allah took a promise from His prophets that if you found a messenger of Allah confirming what you have, then you must believe him and support him, and all the Prophets agreed on it. Allah advises Holy Prophet Muhammad PUBH to believe what is sent to Ibrahim, Jacob, and Ismail was from Allah, and we don’t make any difference between them.

Allah doesn’t guide those people who develop the habit of changing their minds repeatedly. Allah guides only those people who want guidance from Him. Allah will punish the disbelievers, and they will be sent to Jahanum.

Second Section of the Surah Al Imran PDF

Verse 94-150

In this section of the surah Al Imran pdf Allah addresses the Holy Prophet PBUH and advises him to say that Allah has declared the truth and follow the path of Ibrahim. Allah is the witness to everything that the people of the book do. Allah says you are the best community ever raised as you encourage good and forbid evil. Allah will always help believers against disbelievers if they find themselves in the field of battle.

Yet all people are not identical among the people in the book; some are pious and recite Allah’s revelation throughout the night. They believe in Allah and always do good things. The wealth and children of the disbelievers will not give them any benefit.

Surah Al Imran pdf explains that Allah again advises the believers not to have any close relationship with the disbelievers as they can harm them. Prophet, be mindful of Allah, who has given you victory in the battle of Badar. Allah doesn’t like people who consume interest, multiplying it many times. We should only obey Allah so that we can get mercy from Him.

Allah has decided a specific time for every soul to die. Allah gave everyone those things they have struggled for; if someone works for worldly gain, Allah will provide them with material gain, and if someone struggles for the heavens, he will be sent to heaven afterward. Allah is the best guardian and helper.

Verse 151-190

In these surah Al Imran pdf verses, Allah says disbelievers will have fear in their hearts as they associate false things with Allah, and fire will be their place to stay. Allah advises the faithful not to be like those who don’t like to go into the battlefield for Allah, as they say, they will be safe and sound if they stay home. Faithful people should believe that Allah is the one who can give or take someone’s life.

If you are martyred or die, all of you will be gathered in front of Allah. We should firmly believe in Allah as if Allah helps us, no one can defeat us, and if Allah denies helping us, no one can help us. People who earn Allah’s anger are unlike those who follow His commands and seek His pleasure.

Allah has done a great favor to the believers by sending a Prophet among them who recites the revelations of Allah. People who don’t sit at home on Allah’s call to go to the battlefield and fight in the way of Allah will be rewarded not only in this world but in the world hereafter. Faithful people’s faith grew even stronger when they were told that their enemies had gathered their armies against them as they put great faith in Allah and considered him sufficient for themselves.

In the surah Al Imran pdf, Allah calls Prophet and ask him not to grieve about the people who join disbelievers as they will not get any share in the world hereafter. People who trade their beliefs for small things in this temporary world can’t harm Allah. And they shouldn’t think living longer will benefit them; Allah will not forgive them.

Allah gave the good news to the believers that their fortune would be turned around. Allah has sent a messenger to reveal unseen things to you, so you should believe in Allah and His messengers. Allah also knows about the people who say that Allah is poor and we are rich. They will not be forgiven, and Allah will punish them by sending them into the fire.

Last Ruku of Surah Al Imran PDF

Surah Ali Imran states that the creation of the heavens and earth and the alteration of days and nights have signs for those with wisdom. People who remember Allah while standing and sitting and praying to be protected from the torment of fire are the ones who will achieve success in both worlds. Faithful people know that wrongdoers will find no help, but they will burn in fire forever.

Believers pray to Allah to grant them what Allah has promised them through His messenger. Allah responded that Allah would fulfill His promise and would not keep the reward for their good deed. People who were martyred on the way of Allah and were expelled from their homes will be granted higher ranks in Jannah.

Download Surah Imran Translation in PDF

Surah Imran PDF in Arabic

Surah Imran with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Imran with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Surah Al Imran got the title “Al Imran” because the word “Imran” appears two times in the surah. It teaches us fundamental lessons of bravery, honesty, patience, and putting a great deal of faith in Allah. It warned the disbelievers and gave the good news of the heavens to the believers.

Surah Al Imran is a blissful surah, a person who develops the habit of reciting it gets the mercy of Allah, increased sustenance, protection from shaitan, relief from headaches, and ease in marriage.

Surah Al Imran is the 3rd chapter of the Holy Quran and has 200 verses. It discusses the stories of Maryam, Prophet Noah, Ibrahim, and Issac. It is beneficial for Muslims to recite it regularly. It teaches us some significant lessons to spend our life according to the will of Allah.

It is beneficial for the people who have to repay the debt to recite the 26-27 verses of the surah Al Imran. One should recite these verses and then pray to Allah; Allah will help them pay their debt quickly.


Surah Al Imran is a Madinan surah of the Holy Quran consisting of 200 verses and 3508 words. This blissful surah teaches us to submit ourselves to the will of Allah. The central theme of the surah Al Imran revolves around the stories of the Maryam and the prophets Ibrahim, Imran, Issac, and Ishmael. It teaches us that faithful people will find help and support from Allah in every aspect of life, and unfaithful people will regret their decisions hereafter.

 It leaves magical impacts on its reciter’s life, eases childbirth, and protects from satan. A person with heavy debts who found no way to repay should recite verses 26-27 of the surah Al Imran as this will ease them to repay the debt. A person who cannot find a suitable match for them should recite this surah; Allah will create ease in their marriage.

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