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surah lahab pdf

Introduction to Surah Lahab PDF

Surah Lahab PDF has alternate titles such as “Surah Masad” and “At-Tabbat.” It has 1 Ruku, 5 verses, 29 words, and 81 letters. It is an early Meccan surah of the Holy Quran. Surah Al-Massad’s meaningful verses deliver important lessons to set our priorities and declare the fate of an evil man Abu-Lahab.

According to the classification of the Holy Quran, Surah Lahab pdf is the Meccan surah in its 30th Para. Surah Al-Masad is the 111th chapter of the Holy Quran with short and meaningful verses.

It was revealed when Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) went to the top of Safa Hill and called His relatives towards Allah. In response to this invitation, Abu Lahab, one of the uncles of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), got furious and humiliated Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

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Central Theme of Surah Lahab PDF

Surah Al-Masad pdf is a well-known surah of the Holy Quran in the 30th Para. The central theme of this blissful surah revolves around the declaration of the fate of one of the adversaries of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his wife.

The valuable content of this fantastic surah teaches us that if you are the enemy of Allah and His Prophet, you can’t get any favor from Allah either in this world or in the world hereafter. It teaches us that we shouldn’t be proud of our wealth and must follow the guidelines of Allah and His prophet to be succeeded in both worlds; otherwise, permanent failure will be our destiny.

Surah Lahab Benefits

Surah Al-Masad pdf is a beautiful surah of the Holy Quran, and a recitation is a holy act. As human beings, we can’t count the benefits of reciting any chapter of the Holy Quran, but we can discuss a few. This article lists a few benefits of the recitation of the Surah Lahab PDF.

Protection From Enemies

Surah Al-Masad is well-known among the Muslim community for its amazing effects on saving yourself from the hostility of your severe enemies. If you have an enemy after your blood, you must recite this blissful surah 41 times after recitation Durood Ibrahim 11 times; Allah will protect you.

Get Rid of Health Problems

Surah Al-Masad recitation is beneficial to get relief from all kinds of ailments and chronic diseases. Its recitation comforts you from the symptoms of diseases.

Bring the Violent Behavior Under Control

If you have violent behavior towards others, it sometimes becomes the reason for your embarrassment. You must recite this blissful surah, and it will help you to manage your emotions in a better way.

Protection from Night Terrors

Keeping a written form of surah Al-Masad with you acts as a shield for you and protects you from night terrors and every possible danger. It is narrated by Imam Jaffar (A.S) about Surah Al-Masad.

“If someone recited this surah, he would be protected from all kinds of problems at night.”Imam Jaffar (A.S)

Advice to Perform Nobel Acts

The verses of this blissful surah warn every human being and encourage us to perform noble deeds to get closer to Allah and His prophet.

Cure For Insomnia

Surah Al-Masad recitation is recommended to get rid of insomnia. If you are sleepless and restless, you must recite this amazing surah to help you sleep peacefully.

Protection From the Evil of Satan and Jinn.

The verses of this blissful surah warn every human being and encourage us to perform noble deeds to get closer to Allah and His prophet. Considering all the benefits of recitation of Surah Al-Masad pdf, we can see its resemblance with Surah Jinn and Surah Yaseen.

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The significance of this blissful surah is that through its content, Allah assures Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) that Allah will always stand by him and His enemies will not get any favor.

Surah Al-Masad pdf was revealed to condemn the enmity of Abu Lahab with the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Allah cursed Abu Lahab and his wife and declared that Hellfire would be their final destination.

The verses of this blissful surah declare the fate of the evil man Abu Lahab and his wife. It teaches us not to be proud of wealth as it can’t benefit us.

Surah Al-Masad’s meaningful verses teach us that your wealth can’t benefit you if you are on the wrong track of enmity with Allah and His prophet.


Surah Lahab PDF is the 111th chapter of the Holy Quran and falls in the category of Meccan surah. It is one of the early Meccan surahs when Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) invited His relatives towards Allah and Islam. Abu Lahab and other relatives humiliated Him over this invitation.

Allah cursed Abu Lahab for being the enemy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his wife. The wealth they gathered wouldn’t be able to help them in this regard, they would be the resident of hellfire, and Allah will never forgive them.

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