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surah luqman pdf

Introduction to Surah Luqman PDF

The alluring Quranic chapter “Surah Luqman” beautifies the 21st Para with its versatile and fantastic content. Surah Luqman has four Ruku, 34 verses, 550 words, and 2171 letters. According to the classification, it is a Meccan Surah. Surah Luqman PDF is the 31st chapter of the Holy Quran. The magnificent Quranic chapter catches its title from the content where Prophet Luqman is mentioned.

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Central Theme of Surah Luqman PDF

The opening verses of this blissful surah glorify the Holy Quran as the book of wisdom, guidance, and mercy for the good-doers. The content of the surah Luqman demonstrates the qualities of a good Muslim as the one who has sure faith in the hereafter, pays alms-tax, and establishes prayers. These people will achieve success in both worlds.

People who mock Allah’s verses and lead others away from Allah’s way will face its consequences in severe punishment on the day of judgment. The main content of the surah Luqman revolves around the advice of prophet Luqman to his son not to ascribe partners with Allah.

Allah commands us to be patient and kind with our parents as they strengthen us when we are weak. Allah commands us to accept all our parents’ orders except to negate Allah’s oneness and follow the path that leads us toward Him.

Prophet Luqman advised his son not to commit evil deeds, to establish prayers, spread positivity, and avoid negativity. Prophet Luqman also instructed his son not to be proud of himself, to be moderate in every matter, and keep his voice down. Surah Luqman pdf demonstrates that Allah had subjected everything for you, whatever is on earth and heavens, and showered unlimited blessings upon you. When disbelievers are asked to follow the righteous path of Allah, they deny it and say that they would obey only what they found from their forefathers.

Surah Luqman Benefits

Surah Luqman pdf is a blissful and magnificent Quranic chapter, well known for its recitation’s splendid benefits and advantages to its reciter. Many hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) show the virtues and benefits of the surah Luqman.

Being the companion of Luqman on the Day of Judgment:

A beautiful hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) states:

“Whoever recites surah Luqman will be the companion and friend of Luqman, and Allah will reward him ten times the number of those who enjoined the good and forbade evil.(Majma‘ al-Bayān, vol. 8, p. 74.)

Protection From the Evil of Satan

Surah Luqman’s verses are so magical and powerful that their recitation provides a strong shield against satan’s evil.

It has been narrated from Abu Ja‘far Muhammad ibn Ali that whoever recites surah Luqman every night, thirty angels will protect him from the evils of Satan and his troops. Likewise, if it is recited in the morning, they will protect the person until night.(Thawāb al-A‘māl, p. 110)

A Cure for Internal Diseases:

Surah Luqman recitation has the magical power to cure internal diseases. So, if you are suffering from any internal diseases, it is beneficial to recite surah Luqman on water and drink it.

A mesmerizing hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) states,

“If surah Luqman is written and then washed with water and the water is given to a man or woman who suffers from an internal disease, they will be cured.”(Tafseer al-Burhān, vol. 4, p. 359.)

Ousting of a Tyrant

“It is said that whoever writes surah Luqman and puts it in the house of a tyrant, will be ousted from power in the same year.”(Quran 31:16 (Foroutan)

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Surah Luqman catches its title from verse 12, where prophet Luqman’s name is mentioned.

Surah Luqman’s verses emphasize that Allah will do justice on the day of judgment and will not keep a tiny good deed of anyone. And, our true success lies in submitting ourselves to the will of Allah.

Prophet Luqman advised his son to be a man of dignity and self-respect. He advised him not to be proud of himself, to lower his voice, and establish prayers.

Prophet Luqman was famous among his people because of his intellectual thoughts, wisdom and dignity, and high self-esteem.


Surah Luqman pdf is a glorious chapter of the Holy Quran with beautiful verses that teaches us some of the fundamental concepts of life and glorifies Allah’s powers. Most of this surah’s verses are about the Prophet Luqman’s advice to his son, guiding us to have a better life according to the rules of Allah. It is beneficial to recite surah Luqman to get rid of tyrants and to get relief from internal diseases.  Surah Luqman’s verses also ponder light on the qualities of a good Muslim and true believer, which shows its content resemblance with the Surah Muminoon pdf.

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