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surah maryam pdf

Introduction to Surah Maryam PDF

Quran is the Holy book of Allah, and true believers find the piece of mind by reciting it. Holy Quran guides us to spend our lives according to the will of Allah. Surah Maryam is one of the beautiful surahs of the Holy Quran. Surah Maryam is Meccan surah and has 98 verses. I am sharing the Surah Maryam PDF so you can read it daily after downloading.

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Central Theme of Surah Maryam PDF

19th chapter of the Holy Quran, Surah Maryam pdf has 972 words, 3835 letters, and 6 rukus. This beautiful surah is named after a woman Maryam (Arabic Synonym of Mary). It is in the 16 Para of the Quran. This amazing surah discusses the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, who is considered to be the son of the Virgin Mary.

This amazing surah leaves magical impacts on its reciter. It is recommended for a pregnant woman to recite it daily to keep the baby protected. If a person recites this blissful surah daily at home, it will save his house from thieves. It also comforts your mind and soul.

First Section of the Surah Maryam PDF

The Story of Prophet Zakariya A.S (Zechariah)

The first section of the Surah Maryam PDF starts with a reminder of Allah’s mercy upon His servant Zakariya (AS), a great prophet from the Prophets of the children of Israel. Holy Prophet Zakariya (AS) was a great carpenter and a hard-working man. He worshiped Allah secretly, as Allah likes this way of worship.

When a pious and innocent heart calls Allah, He knows his hidden voice. Prophet Zakariya (AS) called Allah and said to Allah; I have become weak and feeble; my black hair turned out to be grey.  You will never refuse my supplications and always fulfill my wishes. Prophet Zakariya (AS) asked Allah to bless him with a pious son who would guide His nation with the prophethood as Prophet Zakariya (AS) was very concerned about the future of his nation. He feared that the generation that would succeed Him would be wicked.

He was not afraid of his upcoming generation inheriting his property. He was a carpenter, and these people didn’t own much wealth. All the wealth prophets of Allah hold is the guidance and love of Allah. And whatever they left in the name of this worldly life is being donated after them.

Miracle of Prophet Zakariya A.S (Zechariah)

Allah responded to the prayer of the Prophet Zakariya (AS) and blessed him with a son whose name was Yahya. He was also a Prophet of Allah, as Prophet Zakariya (AS) prayed to Allah. Prophet Zakariya (AS) was offering prayer when the angels told him that Allah had blessed Him with his son Yahya. Yahya was a unique name; Allah never gave this name to anyone before this. 

Prophet Zakariya (AS) was overjoyed to hear the news and asked how this was possible, as His wife was older. Angel replied to Zakarriya (AS) that this son’s birth would be from you and your wife, not any other woman. It is super easy for Allah to do anything, and He created you from nothing.

Prophet Zakariya (AS) asked for a sign, and Allah said you could not speak to anyone despite being healthy. When Zakariya (AS) came out to his people after three days, He told them about the place where he was given the good news of a son. Allah gave Yahya wisdom, knowledge, and power even as a child. Prophet Yahya was a pure soul and did not incline to commit sins.

And Allah loves the prophet Yahya because of all these excellent characteristics. Allah had honored Prophet Yahya all three times, the day he was born, the day he died, and the day he would be alive again.

Second Section of the Surah Maryam PDF

The Miracle of Maryam

Maryam belonged to a very noble family of children from Israel. Maryam’s mother dedicated her freely to the service of the sacred mosque (in Jerusalem). The mother of Maryam brought her in an exemplary manner and taught her to submit herself to the will of Allah. She was well known for her worship and persistence.

The Miraculous Birth of Jesus (Prophet Isa A.S)

In the second section of the Surah Maryam PDF, Allah shared the story of Maryam. Maryam (Mary) was blessed with a son named Isa without a father. These two stories are shared in the Surah Maryam because these stories are closely related. These stories are also shared in Surah Al Imran and Al-Anbiya.

Surah Maryam PDF demonstrates that she was under the custody of Prophet Zakarriya (AS), who was amazed by seeing astonishing miracles of her. He saw that she always had sustenance; on asking, she told him Allah sent all this for her. Allah sent Angel Jibreal to her as a perfect man. She was afraid of him and asked her to fear Allah. When she learned she was pregnant, she hid from everyone. Allah blessed her with a pious son, just like Allah created Hawwa from a male without a mother.

The Messsage of Prophet Isa (AS)

She was distraught and called Allah in this challenging situation for help. Allah provided her with water and dates in that dessert and asked her to be quiet if she saw any man. When she brought her son among her people, they got angry and said she had committed a crime. They said that your mother and father were righteous people. At that time, Prophet Isa (AS) talked to people and said I am the prophet of Allah.

Allah has ordered me to establish prayer and give zakat from my wealth. I am not arrogant and disobedient to my mother. It is the true story of Maryam, and the disbelievers doubt it. Having a child doesn’t suit Allah; He is free from it.

Final Section of the Surah Maryam PDF

Story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

The final section of the Surah Maryam PDF discusses Holy Prophet Ibrahim (AS). He was a prophet of Allah, a pious and knowledgeable man. The father of the Holy Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was a well-known sculptor who crafted idols from stone and wood. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) told his father I am indeed guided with knowledge from Allah, and you should follow me. But Ibrahim’s (AS) father didn’t listen to him and warned Him. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) responded to His father, I will pray to Allah for your forgiveness, and I distance myself from you and the idols you worship.

Prophet Moses (AS) and Haroon (AS)

When Ibrahim (AS) left those ignorant people, Allah blessed him with Issac and Jacob; both were prophets after this story. Allah mentions the story of Moses. Indeed He was a righteous man who Allah chose. Allah talked directly with Moses. Allah also blessed him with a brother named Haroon, who was also a prophet for his help, As Prophet Haroon (AS) was more eloquent in speech than Moses.

Prophet Enoch (AS)

And then Allah mentions the story of Prophet Ishmael, a man of His word. He advised His people to worship Allah and pay alms-tex. Then, Allah tells the story of Enoch. He was also a true man and prophet of Allah. All Prophets of Allah not even mentioned in this surah were the man of truth and fearful of Allah. But they were succeeded by the ignorant nations.

Lessons in Surah Maryam PDF

  • People who believe in Allah and submit themselves to Allah will achieve success in both worlds.
  • Surah Maryam PDF states that Allah has promised to grant them high ranks in Paradise (Jannah), where they will stay forever. Jannah is a fantastic place to stay; they will find rivers of milk, honey, and dried fruits. They will not listen to any idle talk but only greetings.
  • Allah is the Lord of the heavens, earth, and everything between them. No one is equal to Him. So, we should worship Him.
  • Some make fun of Allah’s promise that all human beings will be alive again on a specific day. They don’t remember that Allah created them nothing; they have forgotten their birth. Allah will surely gather them and set them around hell on their knees.
  • When clear revelations are told to disbelievers, they make fun of it. These people will face severe torment from Allah. Allah will never forgive these people and will set them on the fire of Jahanum. 
  • Allah has created and provided them with every necessity of life, but they worship fake gods instead of Allah. Wait for the day of judgment when the righteous people will be forwarded to Jannah and wicked people will be driven to Hell.
  • Surah Maryam PDF also states that Allah has sent Quran in a language that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH can understand easily so that you can warn the people who are wrongdoers and may give good news to those who are righteous.

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Surah Maryam is unique because it recounts the events that lead to the birth of Jesus. It also discusses many Prophets, Issac, Jacob, Enoch, Ibrahim, and Zakarriya (AS).

Surat Maryam teaches us essential lessons. It focuses on the oneness of Allah and His glory. It teaches us that Allah can do anything that pleases Him, the birth of Isa from virgin Maryam and Yahya from the old wife of old and weak Prophet Zakarriya (AS).

Yes! Maryam bint Imran is the only woman mentioned in the Holy Quran. She is referred as one of the most pious women who ever lived on earth.


Surah Maryam PDF is a Meccan Surah having 972 words and six rukus. It discusses the events of Isa’s birth from the virgin Maryam’s womb. It also has the story of the Prophet Zakariya (AS), who was blessed with a pious son Yahya. Surah Maryam PDF teaches us significant lessons to spend our lives according to the golden rules of Islam.

It tells us about the power and glory of Allah. Allah is the Lord of the heavens and earth and has the authority to do anything that pleases Him. We should worship him only. All the Prophets of Allah are the men of truth, and they advised their nations to worship Allah to escape His anger. Righteous people will be granted a place in Jannah, a fantastic place to stay.

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