Surah Al-Ma’un

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surah maun pdf

Introduction to Surah Maun PDF

The 30th Para of the Holy Quran is beautified with the magnificent Quranic chapter “Surah Maun.” Surah Maun PDF is a Meccan Surah of the Holy Quran that discusses the attributes of the deniers of the Resurrection. Surah Maun is the 107th chapter of the Holy Quran and has 7 verses and 25 words.

The Holy Quran describes individuals of this nature as those who refrain from giving to charity, perform their prayers with indifference, and exhibit hypocrisy. Surah al Maun is believed to have been revealed in connection to Abu Sufyan

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Central Theme of Surah Maun PDF

The chapter in the Qur’an referred to as “Ma’un” and “Ara’ayta al-ladhi” draws its names from both the beginning and the ending verses of the surah. During the era of ignorance, “ma’un” encompassed any form of benefit or useful object, but after the advent of Islam, it specifically denoted zakat. Additionally, the Surah is alternatively recognized as “Din” (religion) and “Takdhib” (denial or falsification), highlighting two pivotal themes addressed within its verses.

Surah Maun Benefits

Once, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told his followers that if they recite a special chapter called Surah Maun, they will be rewarded by Allah. They will receive a book of good deeds and will be raised closer to Allah. It’s like becoming closer to a very important and loving friend.

Safety from Thieves and Enemies

Having Surah Maun with you can also keep you safe from bad people like thieves and enemies. It’s like a magical shield that protects you from harm. Surah al Alaq pdf also grants the same benefits to its readers.

Surah Maun pdf Benefits in Illness

This special chapter, Surah Al Maun, is also helpful when someone is sick. It can make them feel better and protect them from feeling really sad or confused. It’s like having a magical medicine for the heart and mind.

Keep You Away from Hypocrisy

The second part of Surah Maun’s pdf is a bit harder to understand, but it talks about being sincere and kind. When we read it every day, it reminds us to be good and not pretend to be nice just to show off. It’s like a guide to being a genuine and caring person.

Free from Fire

When we recite Surah Maun pdf, we are protected from the dangerous sound of fire. It’s like having a safety spell around us. It also keeps us safe from accidents in the morning.

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Surah Al-Maun is the 107th chapter of the Quran. It is a short Meccan Surah consisting of 7 verses. The Surah addresses the concept of neglecting the rights of others, particularly acts of kindness and assistance to those in need. It serves as a reminder to believers about the importance of performing acts of charity and being compassionate towards fellow human beings.

The recitation and contemplation of Surah Al-Maun can have numerous benefits for a believer. Some of these include:

  • Developing a sense of empathy and compassion for others.
  • Encouraging acts of charity and kindness towards those in need.
  • Fostering a sense of community and brotherhood among believers.
  • Reminding believers of the importance of fulfilling the rights of others.
  • Instilling a deeper understanding of the concept of social responsibility in Islam.

The main lesson of Surah Al-Maun is the significance of performing acts of kindness and charity towards others. It emphasizes that true faith is not just about personal rituals and prayers but also involves showing compassion and support to those in need. Neglecting the rights of others, especially failing to assist those who require help, is strongly condemned. The Surah teaches Muslims to be mindful of their social responsibilities and to actively engage in acts of goodness and service to their fellow human beings.

The term “Al-Maun” refers to acts of kindness, assistance, and help that are provided to others. In the context of this Surah, it specifically highlights acts of small kindness that people often neglect or consider insignificant. The Surah condemns such neglect and emphasizes the importance of even the smallest acts of charity, compassion, and support in Islam. It serves as a reminder to believers to be attentive to the needs of others and to fulfill their rights as an essential aspect of their faith.


Surah Maun pdf is a review of a special chapter in the Holy Quran that talks about people who don’t believe in life after death. It’s like a story that teaches us some important lessons. They don’t want to give to those in need, even if it’s in the name of God. They also refuse to help orphans and poor people, which is not kind.

When they pray, they do it without really meaning it. They also pretend to be good and caring, but deep inside, they are not sincere. That’s not honest behavior. The chapter teaches us to be kind, generous, and sincere in our actions. It reminds us to be caring and help those who are less fortunate. We should always be honest and true to ourselves, not just pretend to be good. And most importantly, we should be there for others when they need our help. These are important values that the chapter wants us to understand.

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