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surah muhammad pdf

Introduction to Surah Muhammad PDF

Surah Muhammad PDF is a Medinan surah of the Holy Quran in the 26th para. It comprises 38 verses, 4 Ruku, 1099 words, and 4853 letters. Surah Muhammad is the 47th chapter of the Holy Quran with beautiful and amazing verses.

Surah Muhammad is the only surah of the Holy Quran whose title is the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). The meaningful verses of Surah Muhammad state that people who don’t believe in the oneness of Allah would not get rewarded for their good deeds until they accept Islam. This surah is well-known among the Muslim community for its benefits and advantages.

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Central Theme of Surah Muhammad PDF

The central theme of the Surah Muhammad PDF revolves around disbelievers not being rewarded for their goods until they accept the oneness and uniqueness of Allah by heart. Hence, it is necessary to accept the oneness of Allah by heart to get a reward for your good deeds in the world hereafter.

One’s belief in Allah and His prophet is incomplete if he refuses to accept anything that Holy Prophet Muhammad had brought from Allah. Allah will forgive people who accept Islam and His prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the last prophet. Believers always follow the true essence of guidance by Allah, and disbelievers can’t find any guidance their whole life.

Benefits or Surah Muhammad’s Recitation

It is a Holy act to recite any chapter of the Holy Quran; it also provides exceptional benefits and positively impacts our lives. In this article, I list a few benefits of Surah Muhammad for you to understand its virtues and importance. 

Safe From Fear and Danger.

Reciting the Surah Muhammad PDF is recommended to keep yourself comfortable and calm in every situation. It helps you to be fearless and protect against any possible danger.

Surah Muhammad Benefit in Pregnancy.

It is beneficial to recite surah Muhammad during pregnancy as it supports this difficult journey of women. You should recite Surah Muhammad from the start of your pregnancy to have a baby boy.

Relief From Psyche and Mental Illness.

It is suggested to recite surah Muhammad for a person suffering from psyche and mental illness as it will relieve him.

Angles Will salute His Grave.

Surah Muhammad is a beloved surah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); reciting it quite often will help you to get closer to Allah and Holy Prophet. Imam Jafar (R.A) said:

“The person who will recite surah Muhammad benefits him. The angels will pay salutation to his grave when he will die.”Imam Jafar (R.A)

Never Doubtful About Religion.

The content of surah Muhammad is meaningful and teaches us some significant lessons about the basics of Islam and Allah’s rules of dealing with disbelievers. It is believed that a person who recites Surah Muhammad quite often will firmly believe in his religion and will never be doubtful. Surah Muhammad’s recitation benefits have quite a resemblance with the benefits offered by the recitation of Surah Ikhlas PDF and Surah Nas PDF.

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The benefits of the recitation of Surah Muhammad are immense. Its recitation helps a pregnant woman conceive a baby boy if she wants it. It also protects you against danger and fear.

“Surah Muhammad” is the surah whose title is on the name of the Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Yes! Reciting the Surah Muhammad to conceive a baby boy is recommended.

Verse 4 of Surah Muhammad chapter 47 is as “So when you meet the disbelievers ˹in battle˺, strike ˹their˺ necks until you have thoroughly subdued them, then bind them firmly. Later ˹free them either as˺ an act of grace or by ransom until the war comes to an end. So will it be. Had Allah willed, He ˹Himself˺ could have inflicted punishment on them. But He does ˹this only to˺ test some of you by means of others. And those who are martyred in the cause of Allah,1 He will never render their deeds void.

Surah Muhammad is the 47th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 26th para. It is classified as a Medinan surah of the Holy Quran.

Surah Muhammad is in the 26th Para of the Holy Quran.


Surah Muhammad PDF is the only surah of the Holy Quran in the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  According to the classification of the Quran, it is a Medinan surah. It teaches us some prime lessons and facts about the religion Islam. It declares that people who don’t believe in Allah have no value near Allah, and their good deeds will be wasted; they wouldn’t be rewarded for them.

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