Surah An-Najam

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surah najam pdf

Introduction to Surah Najam PDF

The 53rd chapter of the Holy Quran is named “Surah Najm” and is in the 27th Para. It is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran comprised of 3 Ruku, 62 verses, 360 words, and 1433 letters. Surah Najm PDF also has a sajdah verse in it. Surah An-Najm’s opening verse has an oath by the star, which has extraordinary importance near Allah.

The content of Surah An-Najm beautifully explains the vision of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) during His ascent to the heavens. It also demonstrates the details of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s blissful and unique journey (PBUH).

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Review of Surah Najm


The word “An-Najm” is an Arabic origin word and is often referred to as a male name and means “star.” Surah An-Najm pdf emphasizes the truthfulness and authenticity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad and demonstrates the details of the fantastic journey of Miraaj by Him.

Central Theme of Surah Najam

Surah An-Najm pdf is a glorious chapter of the Holy Quran that explains the details of the remarkable journey of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) towards Miraa’j. It also beautifully glorifies the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) character.

Surah An-Najm verses state that what Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) conveys to us is indeed from Allah that is revealed to Him. He traveled alone towards the highest horizon with Allah’s command to have a great meeting with Him.

During this blissful journey of the Miraa’j, He(PBUH) witnessed many signs of Allah. Allah is the owner of this world and the world hereafter. Allah knows well who is astray and who is guided on the righteous path. People who do evil on the earth will face its consequences, and those who do good deeds will get rewards for it.

Surah Najm’s pdf verses beautifully explain that a human gets only what he looks for and does hard work; he will not get what he desires. Allah is the one who made you laugh and weep. He is the owner of life and death. He created every organism in pairs(male and female). Surah Najm pdf verses also explain that these are the male sperms that decide the gender of a newborn baby. Allah destroyed the Ad, Thamud, and the people of Nuh as they were ignorant. Allah’s blessings upon us are countless, and we should prostrate ourselves to Allah. All these things are also explained beautifully in the Surah Al-Qamar pdf.

Surah Najam Benefits

Surah Najm pdf is the review of a beautiful chapter of the Holy Quran whose recitation has magical impacts on its reciter’s lives.

  • A person who develops the habit of reciting Surah Najm feels an emotional and spiritual connection with Allah and His prophet Muhammad(PBUH). The beautiful and mesmerizing content of the Surah Najm affirms the authenticity and truthfulness of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).
  • It also clears one’s doubts about the fundamental concepts of Islam.
  • Its recitation lends high rewards to its reciter and makes him spiritually strong.

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Allah takes an oath by the star in the opening verse of the surah An-Najm. Surah An-Najm verses explain the details of the unique journey of Miraa’j by the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

“And that it is He who is the Lord of the star Sirius.”

Verse 39 of the surah An-Najmsays, “And that the man will not get but what he endeavors.”

The exact date of revelation of the Surah An-Najm is not available. However, it is known from authentic sources that surah An-Najm is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran.

Surah An-Najm is in the 27th para of the Holy Quran.

Yes! There is a sajdah verse (62) in the surah An-Najm.

There are 3 Ruku in the surah An-Najm.


Surah Najm pdf is the 53rd chapter of the Holy Quran; a Meccan surah has unique and meaningful content. It strengthens our faith in Allah and His justice system. It guides us about the punishments being decided for the disbelievers and rewards for the believers. It explains the journey of He(PBUH) toward the highest horizons. It teaches us that a human can get only for what he works hard. It also states that Nuh, Ad, and Thamud nations were destroyed because of their wrongdoing.

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