Surah Al-Qadar

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surah qadar pdf

Introduction to Surah Qadr PDF

Surah Al Qadr is the 97th chapter of the Holy Quran, consisting of 5 verses. It is in the 30th Para of the Quran. It is a Meccan Surah with 1 Ruku and 112 words. Download Surah Qadr PDF or read the benefits of reading this surah in this article.

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Central Theme of Surah Qadr PDF

The word “ Qadr” means “ power” and “destiny.” Qadr surah describes the night of the Laylat Al-Qadr, the night of abundant blessings. This night Layat Al-Qadr has immense importance near Allah and all Muslims around the globe.

Al Qadr surah is also titled “Inna Anzalna” surah, which are the first words of this surah. This blissful surah has generous benefits for its reciter. If a person develops the habit of reciting it daily, it will purify his soul and helps him to stay away from sins.  It restores one’s faith in Allah and relieves the patient of depression.

Surah Qadr PDF Verse 1

Laylatul Qadr Surah

Surah Qadr Verse 1

Surah Qadr Verse 1

Surah Qadr is also known as Laylatul Qadr Surah In the first verse of the surah Qadr pdf, Allah addresses all the Muslims and informs them that He has sent down the Quran on a blessed night. Allah revealed the Holy Quran upon His Prophet in parts depending upon the incidents and circumstances that occurred over some time.

Surah Qadr PDF Verse 2

Laylatul Qadr Night


Surah Qadr Verse 2

The second verse of the surah Al Qadr demonstrates the worth and glory of the night of Laylat Al-Qadr. It is said that a person who stays awake during this night and worships becomes closer to Allah and that worship during that night is equal to the worship of thousands of nights.

It is narrated that Imam Muhammad Baqir said:

“ One who keeps reciting Surah Al-Qadr loudly is like a person who fights in the way of Allah, and one who recites Surah Al-Qadr in a low voice is like a person who gives his blood in the way of Allah. One who recites it ten times, Allah will forgive thousands of sins committed by him”.

Surah Qadr PDF Verse 3

Surah Qadr Verse 3

Surah Qadr Verse 3

The third verse of the surah Qadr pdf states the importance of the blessed night of Laylat Al-Qadr. It demonstrates that worshipping at this night is better than the worship of thousands of months as this night is very dear to Allah as He sent down Quran at this night. One can’t tell the exact date of Layat Al-Qadr, but it is said that it occurs during the odd last ten nights of Ramadan.

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Seek it in the last ten days, on the odd nights.”Hadith

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“Whoever prays on Laylatul Qadr out of faith and sincerity shall have all their past sins forgiven” (Hadith, Bukhari, and Muslim).”Hadith

Surah Qadr PDF Verse 4

Surah Qadr Verse 4

Surah Qadr Verse 4

In this mesmerizing verse of the surah Qadr pdf, Allah explains the attributes of the blissful night Layat Al-Qadr. Allah says that Layat Al-Qadr is the night when angels descend in abundance due to the blessing of this night.

“The angels giving the greetings of peace during the Night of Al-Qadr to the people in the Masjids until the coming of Fajr (dawn).”Qatadah and Ibn Zayd both said concerning Allah’s statement.

This night is so precious and vital for Muslims because it gives them a new and surprising chance to get forgiveness for their sins and get close to Allah.

Surah Qadr PDF Verse 5

Surah Qadr Verse 5

Surah Qadr Verse 5

This last verse of the surah also sketches the beauty of the gleeful and blissed night of the Layat Al-Qadr. On this blessed night, angels descend on earth and bring down the blessings of Allah for the people who stay awake and worship Him.

Allah protects this night as He sends angels on earth for the security of those who are praying and worshipping Him, and during this night, Satan can’t harm the believers.

Surah Qadr Benefits

Beneficial for Eye Sight

Surah Al Qadr is considered best for clear vision and to cure diseases of the eyes. If a person suffers from eye pain due to any illness and develops the habit of reciting this mesmerizing surah daily, this will give him pain relief.

Protection From Sins

Reacting to this beautiful surah restores the faith and trust of Muslims in Allah. Its verses are so mesmerizing and gleeful that it melts the heart of its reciter, gives him the strength to follow the path of Allah in all aspect of life, and protects him from committing sins.

Financial Freedom

Reciting the surah Qadr pdf regularly helps you eliminate financial problems. It makes you financially stable and prosper. We should develop a habit of reciting it daily and advise our children to recite it at home.

Rewards for its Reciter

Reciting Inna Anzalna surah brings enormous advantages for its reciter. One of the most significant benefits for its reciter is the considerable reward that Allah has promised for its reciter. This surah is the beloved surah of Allah and Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, so reciting this surah brings you close to Allah, and you will seek Allah’s help in every matter of life.

Download Surah Qadr Translation in PDF

Surah Qadr PDF in Arabic

Surah Qadr with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Qadr with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Laylatul Qadir is a very special surah of the Holy Quran. It has the power to turn the destiny of its reciter. Reciting surah Al Qadr assists you in every matter of life, maintains your eyesight, and makes you financially stable.

Surah Al Qadr revolves around a specific night, Layaltul Qadr, and demonstrates its attributes. The entire Quran was sent down to the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH on this night, probably the 23rd night of Ramadan.

The blessed night of Qadr has special in the hearts of all Muslims around the globe. We should stay awake the whole night and worship Allah as Allah has announced in the Holy Quran that the worship of this single night is worth the worship of thousands of months.


Surah Al Qadr is one of the smallest surahs of the Holy Quran, having only one Ruku and five verses. It is a Meccan surah and has a special place in the hearts of all Muslims around the globe, as the Holy Quran was revealed during this gleeful night. This surah is also known as Inna Anzalna surah and referred to as Meccan surah, as this was revealed during the stay of the Holy Prophet at Mecca.

Surah Qadar’s recitation benefits the person with eyesight disease. It revives the faith of its reciter in Allah and firms his belief. Allah rewards the person who recites surah Qadr seven times daily. It also makes you financially stable. We should develop the habit of reciting surah Qadr; it wouldn’t take much time.

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