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surah qalam pdf

Introduction to Surah Qalam PDF

Surah Qalam is classified as Meccan surah of the Holy Quran and comprises 2 Ruku, 52 verses, and 301 words. This beautiful surah is divided into three parts and opens with the single Arabic letter Nun. Surah Qalam PDF is the 68th chapter of the Holy Quran.

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Central Theme of Surah Qalam PDF

“Qalam” is an Arabic origin word that refers to the commonly used instrument for writing “pen.” The central theme of the surah Qalam revolves around the warnings to the disbelievers, the appeal of patience to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the way to tackle the opponent’s objections.

Surah Qalam in Which Para

Surah Qalam is a gleeful surah of the Holy Quran in the 29th para. The verses of the surah Qalam pdf are short but deliver the messages briefly in a fantastic way. In Quranic order, this amazing surah is the last surah of the Holy Quran to have muqqattat words.

First Verse

“By the grace of your Lord, you ˹O Prophet˺ are not insane.”

In the first verse of the surah Qalam pdf, Allah swore off the pen and said that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not insane as many disbelievers claim it. Here the ‘pen” refers to the actual pen used to write anything. Allah says that disbelievers are cruel to themselves as they reject the guidance from the messenger of Allah.

Allah promised Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to grant great rewards and abundant blessings as He completed His duty of conveying the messages of Allah to all of His creation. Allah also promised that these abundant blessings would never be cut off as you were patient with their abuse.

Allah has promised the same thing in Holy Quran in a different chapter

“Then they shall have a reward without end.”(95:6)

Allah Alone Knows Everything.

The beautiful verses of Surah Al Qalam pdf demonstrate that Allah alone knows everyone who is on the righteous path and who is rebellious. Allah warns us not to follow in the footsteps of those who are wrongdoers. Allah says that disbelievers want you to compromise with their religion and don’t preach the right path to them.

In the surah Qalam, Allah advised Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) not to believe every Hallaf( one who swears a lot), transgressor, and a liar. Allah said that these people are so unfortunate that when they are taught the lessons of guidance, they refuse to believe and say that these are stories of ancient people.

Allah Tested Meccans as He Tested the People of Garden.

The verses of surah Al Qalam pdf state that Allah tested Meccans as the people of the garden, the people of the garden swore that they would harvest the crop in the early morning with considering Allah’s will. Allah destroyed their whole crop, then they were worried and said they must return to Allah. Allah punishes disbelievers like this in this temporary world, and the world’s torment hereafter is worst ever.

Surah Qaalam Ayat (Verse) 51

Verse 51 of Surah e Qalam pdf is as “The disbelievers would almost cut you down with their eyes when they hear ˹you recite˺ the Reminder, and say, “He is certainly a madman.”

 This gleeful verse states that disbelievers are jealous of you because of their hatred for you. They want to have some effect on you with their evil eyes, and Allah’s protection keeps you safe from their evil.

Surah Qalam Last Verse

The last verse of the surah Al Qalam pdf is “But it is simply a reminder to the whole world.” This mesmerizing verse of surah Qalam is all about glorifying the Holy Quran. Allah has sent down the Quran as an eminent source of guidance for all human beings until the last day.

Allah says in Holy Quran,

“And Declare [O Muhammad] that [Quran] is a guidance and healing for the believers.”Surah Al-Fussilat [41;44]

Surah Qalam Benefits

4 Benefits of Surah Qalam PDF

Surah Qalam pdf is a mesmerizing surah of the Holy Quran, offering immense benefits to its reciter.

  • Surah Qalam pdf recitation is beneficial to eliminate poverty.
  • It cures migraine and aches in the body.
  • Surah Qalam recitation is also helpful to do well in exams.
  • It helps you grow your business exponentially and boosts your memory.

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Surah e Qalam pdf recitation is best for curing migration, aches in the body, eliminating poverty from your house, and doing well in exams.

It is suggested to recite surah Qalam every time you visit your business place to be prosperous.

Yes! It is best to recite the Surah Al Qalam pdf before your exams to do well in exams.


Surah Qalam pdf is the 68th chapter of the Holy Quran and comprises 52 verses and 301 words. Allah teaches us many fundamental lessons in this surah to spend our lives according to the golden rules of Islam. Its recitation is beneficial for curing migraine, aches in the body, and doing well in exams.

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