Surah Al-Qariah

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surah qariah pdf

Introduction to Surah Qariah PDF

Are you looking for a comprehensive article to give you a depth understanding of the context of surah Al-Qariah? Then, look no further; in this article, I will elaborate on the context of the verses of surah Al Qariah pdf in detail. Surah Al-Qariah is one of the shortest surahs of the Holy Quran, having only 11 verses.

Surah Al Qariah is the 101st chapter of the Holy Quran in the 30th para. Its verses are short but very comprehensive and mesmerizing. Surah Al-Qariah is a Meccan surah with 36 words and 160 letters.

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Central Theme of Surah Qariah PDF

Surah Al Qariah catches its name from its first word, “Qariah,”  which means “striking,” and this word refers to the end times. The central theme of surah Al Qariah revolves around the day of Resurrection and the hereafter.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 1

“The Striking Disaster!”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 1

The very first verse of the surah Al-Qariah is about the day of the Judgment. Allah has told in many verses of the Holy Quran that the day of Resurrection is inevitable, and no one can stop it.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 2

“What is the Striking Disaster?”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 2

In the second verse of the surah Qariah pdf, Allah questions all humankind do you know about the day of judgment? Then, He explains it in the following verses by Himself.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 3

“And what will make you realize what the Striking Disaster is?”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 3

In the 3rd verse of the surah Al-Qariah, Allah asks all humankind what makes you realize what a striking disaster is. Here striking disaster refers to the end times, and Allah asked what made you learn about the reality of the day of judgment.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 4

“It is the Day people will be like scattered moths,”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 4

In this verse, Allah answers the question Himself He had asked in the previous verses. He explains the severity of the day by saying that people will be shocked and frightened on this day. They will be scattered and divided just like tiny insects.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 5

“And the mountains will be like carded wool.”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 5

The 5th verse of this surah also demonstrates the severity of the day of judgment. It states that mountains which are a sign of strength in themselves will be shaken and fall apart.  Allah has often told us about the day of judgment in the Holy Quran. Allah says in Surah Al-Muzammil,

“On the day the earth and the mountains will convulse, and the mountains will become a heap of sand pouring down.”Surah Al-Muzammil

Surah Al Qariah Verse 6

So as for those whose scale is heavy ˹with good deeds˺,Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 6

In these verses of the surah Al-Qariah, Allah explains the results of His judgment. Allah will do justice on the day of Resurrection, and even a tiny good deed will be rewarded. People whose good deeds are more than their evil deeds will be sent to Jannah, where Allah’s blessing will be abundant, and they will stay there forever.

As Allah says in Holy Quran

“Those who attain faith and do righteous deeds, the gardens of paradise will be there to welcome them.”Quran 18:107

Surah Al Qariah Verse 7

“they will be in a life of bliss.”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 7

In the 7th verse of the surah Al-Qariah, Allah explains that a life of paradise will be a life of bliss. People who follow Allah’s commands will enjoy a lavish lifestyle forever in heaven. As Allah says in Surah Yaseen, verses number 58-59;

“They and their wives shall be in shades, reclining on raised couches. They shall have fruits therein. And they shall have whatever they desire.”Surah Yaseen 58-59

Surah Al Qariah Verse 8-9

“And as for those whose scale is light, their home will be the abyss.”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 8-9

In the 8-9 verses of this blissful surah, Allah discusses those people whose scale of good deeds will be low, and their evil deeds are more than good deeds. Those people will not receive any grace from Allah and will be sent to Hell, which is not an easy place to stay.

Abu Hurairah narrates that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;

“Verily, the person who will receive the lightest torment of the people of the Hellfire will be a man who will have two sandals that will cause his brain to boil.”Hadith

Another verse of the Holy Quran state this fact of the day of the Resurrection

“Surely, the gates of Heaven will not be opened for those who deny Our revelations and treat them with arrogance; their admission into paradise will be as impossible as the passing of a camel through the eye of a needle. That is how We shall reward the criminals. Hell shall be their bed, and flames shall be their covering. That is how We shall reward the wrongdoers.”Qurʾān 7:40-41

So, as Muslims, we should understand the importance of living life according to the golden rules of Islam and submitting ourselves to the will of Allah so that we may protect ourselves from the torment of grave and hell.

Surah Al Qariah Verse 10-11

“And what will make you realize what that is? It is a scorching Fire.”Surah Al Qariah PDF Verse 10-11

The last two verses of the surah Al-Qariah also state the extremity of hell. People who reject the messages of Allah and are wrongdoers in their life will not be forgiven by Allah and will be put in Hell as a punishment. Allah states the severity of hell numerous times in the Holy Quran.

“They will long to leave the Fire, but never will they go there from, and theirs will be a lasting torment.Quran 5:3

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Surah Fatiha is the opening of the Holy Quran and is mandatory to recite in every prayer. Its important point is that Allah owns all universes and is the master of the day of judgment.

This beautiful surah may be divided into two halves according to its content. The first three verses glorify Allah’s attributes attractively. The last three verses are about the prayer of a servant from Allah.

Surah Fatiha pdf also presents concerns over the unity of divine acts and the unity of worship. Briefly speaking, Surah Fatiha verses present the whole Quranic theme.

Yes! It is compulsory to reciter surah Fatiha once in every rakat of every prayer.

If you forget to recite surah Al-Fatiha and remember this thing during the Ruku, you should stand up and recite surah Fatiha again.

Yes! Surah Fatiha is the opener of the Holy Quran.


Surah Al Qariah is a Meccan surah with short and meaningful verses. The title of this surah Al-Qariah refers to the day of Resurrection. It sketches a prime picture of the day of Judgement and hell. It teaches us some fundamental lessons about life. It teaches us to spend our lives according to the will of Allah. It gave the good news to those who have faith in Allah and warned those who are disbelievers.

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