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surah qasas pdf

Introduction to Surah Qasas PDF

The presence of a beautiful Quranic named “Surah Al-Qasas” magnifies the 20th Para of the Holy Quran. Surah Qasas pdf catches its title from verse 25, where “Qasas” is mentioned. The tone of the content and revelation’s period of surah Al-Qasas suggests that it is a Meccan surah.

Surah Al Qasas has 8 Ruku, 88 verses, 1443 words, and 5933 letters. It is the 28th chapter of the Holy Quran. The verses of this surah discuss the detailed story of the Prophet Moses and the Quran. The benefits of reciting this Surah surah are immense, and we should recite this mesmerizing chapter of the Holy Quran.

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Central Theme of Surah Qasas PDF

Surah Qasas’ content demonstrates how the prophet Moses was brought up in the house of Fir’on. And Allah made it possible for His mother to visit and feed her regularly. Further, it states Moses struggled to bring the Fir’on and his nation on the righteous path, but they refused even after seeing the miracles of Allah. So, Surah Qasas PDF has a strong resemblance to Surah Kahf PDF.

The magnificent verses of the Surah Al-Qasas also beautifully demonstrate the story of Moses’s conversation and meeting with Allah at the top of a mountain. Allah gave victory to Moses over Fir’on and destroyed the latter.

Surah Qasas Benefits

It is beyond any writing piece’s scope to enlist the benefits of reciting any chapter of the Holy Quran. Here is my humble try to share the advantages of reciting the Surah Qasas.

High Rewards

Surah Qasas pdf is a glorious chapter of the Holy Quran, and its virtues are evident from many hadiths of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). A beautiful hadith states that:

“Whoever recites Surah Qasas will receive ten times the reward of all those who approved or rejected Prophet Moses, and on the Day of Judgment, all the angels of the earth and heavens will testify for him that he is truthful and righteous.(Majma‘ al-Bayān, vol. 7, p. 412.)

A Cure for Pain

If you are suffering from any disease, it is recommended to recite surah Al-Qasas quite often to get relief. A mesmerizing hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) states,

“If surah Qasas is written and then washed with water, and that water is drunk, all pains and discomforts will be relieved.”(Tafseer al-Burhān, vol. 4, p. 199.)

Relief for stomach, liver, and spleen pain

“It has been narrated from Abu Abdullah Ja‘far ibn Muhammad that if surah Qasas is written and then worn around the neck of someone who has pain in the stomach, liver, spleen, or any other internal organ, he will feel well.”

For confronting An Unjust Ruler

The recitation of surah Al-Qasas is recommended if you encounter an unjust ruler and fear that he wouldn’t treat you properly. You must recite this blissful surah before facing him; Allah will put mercy in his heart.

“It has been said that reciting verses 68-70 of surah Qasas seven times when entering the presence of an unjust ruler and then saying: اللهُ غالبُ أمْرِهِ three times will keep one safe from the evils of that ruler.”(Khawāṣ al-Qur’ān wa Fawā’idih, p. 72)

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Allah gave assurance of victory to the believers and cleared the doubts of disbelievers that they raised on the prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Surah Al Qasas is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran, as revealed in Mecca.

Qasas is an Arabic term that means retributive justice, eye for eye, ear for ear, and life for life.

Verse 23 of the Surah Qasas says, “When he arrived at the well of Midian, he found a group of people watering their herds. Apart from them, he noticed two women holding back their herds. He asked them, what is the problem? They replied we can not water our animals until other shepherds are done, for our father is a very old man.”

Verse 12 of Surah Al Qasas says, “And we have caused him to refuse all wet nurses at first, so his sister suggested, shall I direct you to a family who will bring him up for you and take good care of him?”

Verse 84 of the surah Al Qasas pdf says, “Whoever comes with a good deed will be rewarded with what is better. And whoever comes with an evil deed, then the evildoers will be rewarded for what they used to do.”


Surah Qasas pdf is the 28th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 20th para. It was revealed to give the assurance of victory to the believers who were less in number when they moved from Mecca to Medina. Its verses tell the whole story of Moses struggling to call Fir’on and his nation towards Allah, but they refused and met with destruction.

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