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surah taha pdf

Introduction to Surah Taha PDF

Are you looking for a Surah Taha pdf online? Then, you are in the right place; I will share the Surah Taha PDF so you can read it conveniently. Surah Taha is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran with 135 verses and 1334 words.

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Surah Taha Read Online


Central Theme of Surah Taha PDF

The gleeful surah catches its name from the first word, “Ta-Ha,” an Arabic origin word often referred to as one of the most beautiful names among the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s names.

Surah Taha is a mesmerizing surah enriched in its messages and helps us to learn various prime lessons and facts from it. It emphasizes the oneness of Allah and states the stories of Moses so that people can understand that they can succeed only by accepting Allah’s glory and power. And those who reject the messages of Allah will face failure in both worlds.

It teaches us to establish prayers and be fearful of Allah. It also reminds us the day of Judgement is inevitable, and no one has the authority to stop it. Allah will not do injustice to anyone on that day; everyone will be treated according to his deeds. In this fantastic surah, Allah warns people to learn from the stories of older people who were ignorant and destroyed by Allah. And Allah sends His messengers in every age to guide people.

The subject matter of this amazing surah is diverse and discusses numerous things. The story of Moses has been discussed, and Allah assures Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH that the message of the Quran will be succeeded. Allah also mentions that all the disbelievers’ plans will fail, and their opposition to Islam will not benefit them.

The central theme of this surah revolves around Allah’s oneness, which Allah emphasizes by describing the stories of Moses and Adam. Recitation of this surah makes the life of its reciter easy and peaceful.

In which Para Surah Taha Located?

Surah Taha PDF is the 20th chapter of the Holy Quran in the 16th para. This mesmerizing surah comprises 8 rukus. It also teaches us many prime lessons to understand Islam and have faith in the oneness of Allah.

Surah Taha Ayat (Verses) 25-28

The Surah Taha 25-28 are the most appealing and beautiful verses of the Holy Quran, which state the talk of Moses with His Lord. Moses prayed to Lord to expand his chest as he was commanded with a great mission and heavy task.

 Allah sent Moses to one of the mightiest and most arrogant kings, Fir’awn, on the face of the earth. Fir’awn claimed to be a god and asked people to preach to him as their lord. He severely punished those people who denied His Lordship.

Surah Taha PDF Verse 27

Moses prayed to Allah to help him in this challenging task as he wouldn’t be able to accomplish the job without the support from Allah. In verse number 27, he prayed to Allah to remove the impediment from his tongue, as this is an obstacle for people to understand him.

Surah Taha Benefits

One of the heaviest benefits of reading something valuable is that it adds value to your life. Quran is Allah’s holy book, which Allah has conferred upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH for the guidance of all humankind. Recitation of the Holy Quran opens your mind about life and teaches you all the facts to determine the way to success.

Record of Deeds In Right Hand

One of the most significant benefits a Muslim can achieve in both worlds is to receive its record of deeds in the right hand on the day of Resurrection. And recitation of surah Taha made it possible for its reciter. So, we must recite surah Taha and pray to Allah to receive a record of our deeds in the right hand.

The Reward Of All Muhajirun And Ansar

Allah heavily rewards the Muslim who develops the habit of reciting the Holy Quran regularly. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that the reciter of the surah Taha would be recompensed for all immigrants and Ansar(The first inhabitants of Madina to accept Islam).

Al-Zamakhshari and Al-Baydawi narrate that Holy Prophet Muhammad PUBH said;

“Whoever reads Taha will be given the reward of the Muhajirin (Emigrants) and the Ansar (Helpers) on the Day of Resurrection.”Hadith

Surah Taha For Marriage

It is reported that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that if a person wants to marry by their wish, they should write surah Taha on a green cloth and wear it around the neck. This will ease them in marrying by their choice, and Allah will bless them.

Recitation of surah Taha also benefits those who find choosing a suitable life partner challenging. Once the person starts the recitation of this blissful surah, Allah will make way for them for a good life partner.

Abu Abdullah Ja’far ibn Muhammad said,

“Those who do not have a suitable proposal or whose marriage proposal is turned down can write surah Taha, wash it with water, and pour it on their face.”

Receiving Fair and Favourable Treatment

The recitation of surah Taha is also recommended to get fair and favorable treatment from higher authorities. If you have a meeting with an officer and fear his misbehavior, you must recite the surah Taha pdf before encountering him. You will get a favorable result from the meeting. If a person writes it on a green silk cloth, wears it around the neck, and goes to two quarreling groups, they will stop fighting.

Hadith about The Surah Taha PDF

Abu Hurairah narrates that Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“A thousand years before creating the heavens and the Earth, Allah recited Ta-Ha and Ya-Sin,” and when the angels heard the recitation, they said, ‘Happy are the people to whom this comes down, happy are the minds which carry this, and happy are the tongues which utter this.”[Darami transmitted it at Tirmidhi]

Abu Umamah (radiAllahu anhu) narrates that Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said,

“The greatest name of Allah, which if He is called by it, He responds, is in three surahs: Al-Baqarah, ‘al ‘Imran, and Ta-Ha.” [Sunan Ibn Majah 385

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Surah Taha with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Taha with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Surah Taha teaches us some fundamental and crucial lessons about life. It teaches us that Allah doesn’t take anything away until he blesses you with something more impressive and beneficial. We should obey Allah’s orders in every circumstance.

In surah Taha, Allah states the stories of Moses and Adam to let the people learn from these stories. The stories of Adam and Moses teach us that people who put a great deal of faith in Allah will succeed in both worlds, and those who reject Allah’s messenger and messages will fail.

It is evident from many hadiths, as mentioned above in this article that the recitation of Surah Taha is recommended for love marriage and to find a suitable match for you.

Surah Taha is a Meccan surah of the Holy Quran, comprising 135 verses and 1334 words, comparatively a longer surah.


Surah Taha is the 20th chapter of the Holy Quran, which is famous among millions of Muslims around the globe because of its magical impact on its reciter. It strengthens your belief in the existence and oneness of Allah. Its central plot revolves around the stories of Moses and Adam.

The 25-28 verses of surah Taha are very famous; in these amazing verses, Moses prayed to Allah to remove the impediment from his language so that people could easily understand what he said to them. It teaches us that Allah doesn’t take anything away from you until He provides something more beneficial.

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