Surah At-Tur

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surah tur pdf

Introduction to Surah Tur PDF

Surah Tur PDF is the 52nd chapter of the 27th Para of the Holy Quran. This Meccan Surah is named after the word “Al-Tur”. This chapter mainly emphasizes the power of the divine, the Day of Judgment, and the irrefutable signs of Allah’s existence. The Surah Tur consists of 49 verses, 2 Ruku, and 312 words.

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Central Theme of Surah Tur PDF

The title “Al-Tur” refers to a mountain. Mountains hold significance in many religious traditions and often symbolize a connection between the earth and the heavens or act as places of divine revelation. For example, the Prophet Moses (Musa) received revelations on Mount Sinai.

Surah Tur PDF addresses various themes:

  • Proofs of Allah’s existence: The Surah begins by drawing attention to many creations of Allah, which include mountains, the book inscribed, the frequented house, and the elevated canopy, asking humanity to reflect on these signs.
  • Day of Judgment: This chapter illustrates the realities of the Day of Judgment when the heavens will tremble, and the mountains will be like wool.
  • Past Stories: Surah Tur pdf highlights the fate of those who denied the truth in the past, such as the people of Pharaoh and the people of Ad, and explains the consequences of their disbelief.
  • Description of Paradise and Hell: It gives a clear description of Paradise and Hell and warns about the dangers of Hell meanwhile giving motivation for Paradise.  

Surah Tur Benefits

Divine Creation

Surah Tur emphasizes the mountains, skies, and other natural phenomena and encourages believers to recognize these elements as signs of purposeful creation.

Moral Values

Surah Tur recounts the tales of past nations and their downfall owing to their immoralities and disbelief and emphasizes the importance of strong faith and righteous conduct.

Motivation and Hope

 For those persons who do righteous deeds and believe in Allah Almighty, this Surah brings tidings of bountiful paradise and motivates them to remain steadfast in their belief.

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Surah Tur, like many other chapters in the Holy Quran, serves as a guide for believers by offering spiritual teachings, insights into the attributes of God, and discussions of the Hereafter. By reciting Surah Tur, one can strengthen their faith, gain a deeper understanding of divine messages, and draw closer to Allah. It’s also believed in Islamic traditions that reciting specific Surahs can bring about certain blessings or protections, though it’s essential to approach them with sincere faith and not just ritualistic repetition.

“Surah at Tur” translates to “The Mount” in English. The Surah takes its name from its second verse, which mentions the mount (Tur). Within this Surah, various signs of God’s creation are enumerated, the stories of past communities and their fates are recalled, and the reality of the Hereafter is emphasized. It serves as a reminder of God’s power, the transient nature of life, and the ultimate reality of the Day of Judgment.

Surah Tur, verse 20, describes the reward for the righteous in paradise. The verse is as follows: “Reclining on thrones set in lines, and We will marry them to fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes.” The verse paints a picture of the comforts and delights that await believers in the Hereafter, emphasizing the blissful nature of paradise.

To provide the exact verse, I’d need to refer to the Qur’an’s translation. As of my last update in September 2021, Surah Tur, verse 16 reads: “Are they being impatient over Our punishment?” This verse touches upon the skeptical attitudes of some people who doubt or mock the warnings of divine punishment, questioning whether they are impatient for the consequences they’ve been warned about.


Surah Tur pdf is a profound chapter in the Holy Quran that bridges this world with the spiritual realities of existence, the afterlife, and divine justice. It offers both a hopeful promise and a cautionary tale that emphasizes that disbelief may lead to ruin, but true faith and righteous deeds are always rewarded with eternal paradise. Therefore, we are encouraged to reflect on the world around us. 

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