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surah waqiah pdf

Introduction to Surah Waqiah PDF

Surah Waqiahn as you can see in Surah Waqiah PDF is in the 27th Para of the Quran, having 96 verses, three rukus, and 379 words. It sketches the terrifying picture of the inevitable day of the judgment. It is advised for Muslims to recite it every night. You can download Surah Waqiah PDF in Arabic, Urdu, and English and read it anytime when you have time.

If you are looking for a complete review of Surah Waqiah to understand its Holy verses in depth, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, I will explain the factual context of the Surah Waqiah PDF briefly. 

The Meaning of Al Waqiah

The word “Waqiah” means the day of judgment and the day of decisions by Allah which will happen when this universe is demolished. This blissful Surah was revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) 7 years before his migration to Medina. Reciting this Surah gives many advantages to its reciter. It is advised to recite this surah 41 times on the water and then give it to an ill person to relieve diseases.

Surah Waqiah Meccan Surah of the Holy Quran

Old Picture of Kaba

Surah al Waqiah is a famous Surah of the Holy Quran, which was revealed in Mecca (Makkah). If you are seeking the blessings of Allah Almighty, you should recite Surah Waqiah PDF with translation to understand the messages Allah has shared in this surah.

It is the 56th surah of the Quran. The central theme of the Surah al Waqiah PDF revolves around three kinds of people, i.e., one, those who will get high ranks in Jannah; second, those who are ordinary and follow the right path; and finally, the people who are non-believers.

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The First Section of Surah Waqiah PDF

The Day of Judgement

First Section of Surah Waqiah 1

Surah Waqiah PDF, Chapter 56 of Holy Quran, Verse 1-3

The central theme of the Surat al Waqiah is about the day of judgment when all human beings and other creatures of Allah will be called together to face all the actions they have done in their lives.  This surah demonstrates that the day of judgment is inevitable, and no one can stop it, as it is Allah’s promise.

First Section of Surah Waqiah 2

Surah Waqiah PDF, Chapter 56 of Holy Quran, Verse 4-9

This surah captures the complete picture of that terrifying and awe-inspiring day through its verses. This surah briefly describes that on that petrifying day, all people will be handed over the full detailed list of the actions they have done in their lives.  All the secrets of all the hearts will be laid bare, and no one can deny that charge sheets. 

The day of judgment is one of the most important topics of the Quran as this world and life is temporary and will be demolished soon. Life is a sort of test. Therefore, Allah Almighty discussed this topic in various chapters of the Quran like Surah Baqaharah, Surah Kahf, Surah Nisa, and Surah Rahman.

Second Section of Surah Waqiah PDF

Surah Waqiah PDF also explains the punishments for those who disobeyed Allah and did wrong deeds. The penalty and torment Allah has decided for the nonbelievers are strict and range from physical torture to eternal separation from Allah’s grace. After reciting this surah and understanding it in depth, a person should be frightened of Allah’s doom and shall try to lead his\her remaining life according to the orders of Allah.

This amazing surat not only works as a reminder for the people who are ignorant and don’t pay heed to the teachings of Islam but also guides the believers that they should stay firm on the righteous path. Allah has also promised to grant high ranks for all the people who remain strong during the hard times of their life; just rely on Allah’s blessing and never disobey Him.

The section also demonstrates the hardships of Jahanum that ignorant people will face because of the wrong deeds they have done in their lives.  Allah says that the doom of Jahanum is strict, where there will be no mercy of Him, only fire for the wrong deeds of nonbelievers.

Final Section of Surah Waqiah PDF

The final section of the Surah al Waqiah teaches us that Allah will do justice to all of His creatures. He will not do any kind of injustice to His creatures as Allah likes justice, and it is against His glory to do any kind of injustice. So, everyone should prepare for the inevitable judgment day and not waste this precious life.

So, according to the fair justice system of Allah, everyone would get his fate, and that would not be challenged in any court as the court of Allah is final. And then, all people would be sent to Jannah and Jhanaum according to their fate and actions. This surah tells us the ultimate reality of the day of judgment.

In the final section, this blissful surat also teaches us the importance of living a righteous life according to the golden principles of Islam. It also warns those who are non-believers and spend a directionless life. It tells us that every person should remember that Allah would not keep the reward for even small good deeds. But people should be frightened of his anger as no one can bear His torment.

It also teaches us that there would be an immense reward in paradise for the people who have great faith in Allah. They will enjoy everlasting peace, happiness, and abundance. Paradise will have everything; rivers of honey and milk, fresh fruits and juices. There will be no evil talk or thing that can disturb those lucky people.

Best Times to recite Surah Al Waqiah

Surah al Waqiah is not such a long surah of the Quran; it does not take much of your time to read it thoroughly.  It would take 4 to 5 minutes, so you should make up a routine of reciting it every night as advised by the holy Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him). You may recite this blissful surah between maghrib and isha prayers before you sleep.

Should I recite surat Al Waqiah every night?

As Muslims, we should never be ignorant of Allah’s remembrance as this makes the human heart strict and firm on sins.  We should pray five times a day and recite the Holy Quran. In particular, it is evident from several hadiths that reciting Surah Waqiah every night is more effective.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Waqiah

You Put Complete Faith In Allah.

Reciting this blissful surah helps you to remind that everything in this universe is under the control of Allah, and Allah’s power is limitless, so we should obey Allah. It makes our belief stronger that if someone did wrong to us in this world, they would be held accountable on the day of judgment.

Putting your faith in Allah will leave you at peace and remove all the disturbances in your heart. So, as Muslims, we should trust Allah’s kindness and all of His powers, with which he makes all things better for us and eliminates our worries.

It Brings Financial Stability.

Allah has created this universe, all human beings, and all other visible or invisible creatures. So, He has promised to provide for all of them. Many hadiths of the holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reveal that reciting surah Waqiah every night will eradicate your financial problems and brings economic stability to your home.

It Brings Providence.

Reciting this holy surah daily will strengthen your belief in Allah and give you the courage to move on the righteous path of Islam. It will make you fearless, strong, and peaceful.

Hadiths Relating to Surah Al Waqiah

Prophet Muhammad SAW(peace be upon him)

 “If anyone recites a letter from Allah’s Book, he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Mim is one letter, but alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, and mim is a letter.”Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 2137 Narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas’ud.

Another famous hadith states that;

“Surah Waqiah (chapter 56 of the Qur’ān) is the Surah of wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children”.Ibn Asakir

Download Surah Waqiah Translation in PDF

Surah Waqiah PDF in Arabic

Surah Waqiah with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Waqiah with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Surah Waqiah is a gift of Allah to all Muslims. Reciting this blissful surah every night will eliminate financial and economic hardships and bring you success, prosperity, and financial freedom.

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him) stated that every Muslim should recite surah al Waqiah every night before sleeping. As doing so will eliminate poverty from their houses.

We should read Surah Waqiah every night to eradicate poverty from our houses. Allah has promised to support the person in finance who reads Surah al Waqiah every night. The holy prophet Muhammad SAW ( peace be upon him) asked his followers to advise their children to recite this surah at their homes.

It is apparent from numerous hadiths that we should recite this holy surah 41 times. Reciting this blissful surah 41 times in water and giving this water to an ill person would relieve illness.


Surah al Waqiah is a famous Meccan Surah of Qurah in the 27th para, comprised of 93 verses, 5 rukus, and 379 words. This surah sketches the complete picture of the inevitable day of judgment. This surah describes that every person will have all of the action lists in their own hands on that day.

 It also describes that Allah will not do injustice to any person; some people will have their actions lists in their right hand while others will have them in their left hand.

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