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surah nisa pdf
JUZ (PARA)4,5,6

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Introduction to Surah Nisa PDF

Surah Nisa is one of the longest surahs of the Holy Quran, as it has 176 verses. It is in the Holy Quran’s 4th, 5th, and 6th Para and has 3764 words and 16328 letters. Surah Nisa is the 4th chapter of the Holy Quran. I have shared Surah Nisa PDF in three different languages so you can access and read it anytime after downloading.

Revelation of Surah Nisa

This longer surah was revealed on different occasions during the period ranging between A.H.3., A.H.4, and A.H.5. Surah An Nisa is a Medinan Surah. Various scholars have different opinions about its revelation dates. Surah Nisa addresses a wide variety of social and ethical issues and guides us to live a better life according to the will of Allah in every age.

Meaning of Surah Nisa

This blissful surah’s title justifies its verses’ messages and the context of the surah. The word “ Nisa” is an Arabic origin word has means “woman.” Surah An Nisa teaches all Muslims that all women have equal rights, honor, and respect, just like men. Moreover, It has also discussed the perfect pattern of life for a woman.

Distribution of Property – The First Section of Surah Nisa PDF

The first section of the Surah Nisa PDF teaches us to fear Allah as He has immense powers and created you and the whole universe. Allah has created human beings in pairs (man and woman). We should ask for everything that we need from Allah. Allah knows all the things that are happening in this world.

Fair Distribution of Property in Islam


Surah Nisa Chapter 4 of Quran Verse 2

The 2-15 verses in Surah Nisa PDF provide us with guidance about the distribution of property between the sons and daughters. It also teaches us to marry orphan girls if we can keep them happy for a lifetime. If you fear you can’t keep them happy for a lifetime, you should match the woman you choose. If you took the responsibility to care for an orphan child, you must keep their wealth and belongings separate from your wealth. You should take only a reasonable amount from their wealth for their upbringing.

When they reach the age of getting married, they hand over their wealth. Allah has decided to grant great rewards to the person who brings an orphan child with care and love. Allah commands us to divide the property into equal parts and then give every son two details and every daughter a single part; these are the orders of Allah for the fair distribution of the property. For people who follow Allah’s commands, He has decided to grant them great ranks in Jannah, where they will live forever.

Concept of Marriage – The Second Section of Surah Nisa

The second section of the surah Nisa PDF has detailed orders and instructions about marriage, divorce, and respect for pure relations of husband and wife. It teaches us that people who are ashamed of their sins and are on the righteous path must be forgiven.

Concept of Marriage – Surah Nisa

Surah Nisa, Chapter 4 of Quran, Verse 25
Surah Nisa, Chapter 4 of Quran, Verse 25

Surah Nisa, Chapter 4 of Quran, Verse 25

Surah Nisa PDF teaches us that it doesn’t suit Muslim men to marry any woman forcefully; it is strictly prohibited in Islam. And, if a woman doesn’t want to live with you after some time of marriage, you must let her go and divorce her according to her wish.

This knowledgeful surah also warns not to marry your father’s and grandfather’s wives, a common practice in old nations.

Surah Nisa Verse 19

Surah Nisa, Chapter 4 of Quran Verse 19

Allah has delivered His messages clearly to all Muslims about the concept of marriage and divorce so that they can spend their lives according to the golden rules of Islam and don’t earn the anger of Allah.

These Surah Nisa PDF verses also teach us that we should not keep an eye on each other’s wealth, as it is strictly prohibited to take anything from each other’s wealth without the other’s consent. Allah has dominated men over women as they spend their wealth on them. So, keeping this decision of Allah in their mind, pious woman respects their husbands a lot. Allah has also ordered us to take strict action against a woman who crosses the limits of Allah.

Concept of Marriage – The Second Section of Surah Nisa

The Surah Nisa PDF’s final section guides the fundamental domestic and ethical issues. It shows not to offer prayer when a person is not in his senses, as this action calls the anger of Allah. We should always believe in the oneness of Allah and take good care of our parents. Allah doesn’t like proud people who boast about their wealth and don’t spend their wealth on poor people. 

People who are believers and don’t reject the messages of Allah and His Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH will be blessed by Allah on the day of judgment. But on the other hand, people who are disbelievers and deny the orders of Allah will not get any advantage in both worlds.

Spend Your Wealth on Needy

Quran is the complete code of life. As you can see in Surah Muzammil, It teaches us how can we earn the blessings of the Almighty in the form of wealth. On the other hand, it also guides us on how to spend a portion of the wealth on the people who are in great need in Surah Nisa.

Surah Nisa PDF teaches us that Allah also doesn’t like those who spend their wealth and money just to show off their wealth. These people are ignorant in front of Allah, and Allah has decided the dangerous doom of Jahanum for them, which is a difficult place to stay. Allah said in Surah Nisa that it wouldn’t cost anything to people to believe in the oneness of Allah and spend the wealth Allah has given them in the path of Allah. Allah will do justice to all the people on the inevitable day of judgment.

Concept of Marriage – The Second Section of Surah Nisa

The final section of the surah Nisa PDF, verses 70-140, guides about different aspects of life. It teaches us that it is the responsibility of every Muslim to take care of the life of others.

Final Section of the Surah Nisa

Surah Nisa, Chapter 4 of Qurna, Verse 81

Surah An Nisa teaches us not to have any kind of relationship with people who reject the Quran verses and make fun. Otherwise, you will be like them, and Allah will gather all the disbelievers and hypocrites in the Jahanum.

Allah has decided to keep all the hypocrites in the lowest section of the jahanum, where they will be subjected to severe punishments. But for people who seek forgiveness from Allah and decide not to repeat wrong deeds, Allah will forgive them. Hypocrites don’t believe in the prophets of Allah, and they want to separate the ways of the prophets from Allah. They pretend that they believe some of the prophets and, like a middle way, are not acceptable to Allah, and Allah will put them in Jahanum.

Hypocrites pretend to be believers when they sit with Muslims, and when they join the meetings of the disbelievers, they say they don’t believe in Allah. They think that they are deceiving Allah, but they are on the wrong path that will lead them to complete failure.

Surah Nisa PDF tells us that Allah will forgive those who seek forgiveness from Him, He also doesn’t like to punish anyone. Allah doesn’t enjoy the spread of false things loudly. Allah knows every action of you, whether good or bad, visible or invisible. Allah has advised Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) not to worry about the demand of the disbelievers to show the miracle of a book, as these people are shameless and have asked Mussa to show them the presence of Allah. Allah gave dominance to Mussa over the disbelievers, and they were punished.

Download Surah Nisa Translation in PDF

Surah Nisa PDF in Arabic

Surah Nisa with Urdu Translation in PDF

Surah Nisa with ENGLISH Translation in PDF


Surah Nisa teaches not to marry orphans if you fear you will be unable to keep them happy. Then, you should match the woman you like. You should not marry two sisters at the same time. It also teaches not to marry the father’s and grandfather’s wives.

Hypocrites pretend that they believe some of the prophets of Allah and try to separate the ways of Allah and His prophets. They think they are deceiving Allah and His prophet, but they are fooling themselves.

Surah An Nisa teaches us about the distribution of property between sons and daughters, respect for relations, and the concept of marriage in Islam. It teaches us to care for each other’s wealth, respect, and life

The other name for the surah Nisa is Adl (justice) and Rahma (mercy).

Final Thoughts

Surah An Nisa is a lengthy surah of the Holy Quran, with 176 verses and 24 rukus. It is a Madinan Surah, and its exact revelation date is unclear. Surah Nisa is enriched in messages and teaches us a lot about spending our lives according to the will of Allah. It guides us on how to distribute property. It teaches us to take good care of orphans and not to claim anything from their wealth.

Surah Nisa guides us about the rights and responsibilities of women. It states that a Muslim can marry four women if he can keep all of them happy and satisfied. Otherwise, he should marry only one woman. It guides that Muslims shouldn’t marry two sisters at the same time. Hypocrites who think they are deceiving Allah and His prophets are at a significant loss, as they are fooling themselves. Allah will send them to Jahanum as a punishment for their wrong deeds.

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